Amplify the potential of a small kid's room to create living-large bedrooms that carry your children through every age and phase. We have small room design ideas for small boys and girls' rooms, shared spaces, and more.
Child's Bedroom

It's a fact of life: A home's smallest bedrooms are assigned to the household's youngest members. But, as parents well know, young kids, preteens, and teens require bedrooms that take on a multitude of roles. Kid's bedrooms must provide comfortable areas for sleeping, studying, playdates, and daydreaming, as well as storage options that keep wardrobes, leisure gear, and school supplies contained but within reach. Here's a look at some ideas for optimizing every inch of space to create small kids rooms that handle children's birth-to-college needs. 

Be Space Savvy

Boys Bedroom

When coming up with good bedroom ideas for a small room, think of shipshape boat cabins and compact college dorm rooms, both of which employ furnishings that maximize the minimal. If you need a kid room design for two kids, install bunk beds that take advantage of a wall's vertical plane. Or, place a twin bed under a window and suspend a lofted bunk on an adjacent wall to leave open floor space below for tucking in a homework center, a dressing area, or a fort-like play area.

For storage-savvy kids bedroom ideas for small rooms, choose nightstands, desks, and bedsteads equipped with cubbies, shelves, and drawers that can hold everything from building blocks to storybooks and football jerseys. Include other dual-purpose pieces, such as ottomans, window seats, and toy boxes, that supply both storage and seating. Dress cribs and beds with kicky fabric skirts or dust ruffles to fashion ground-level hidey-holes for stowing out-of-season clothing, toy-filled bins, or a foldable table and chairs that you can pull out and set up when study-group sessions or board games are on tap. Bring in floor cushions and beanbag chairs that can be stacked in an out-of-the-way spot until they're needed as a conversation grouping.

Consider Personal Preferences

Boys Bedroom

Ask your child how they'd like to decorate their small kids room and devise a plan that satisfies his or her individual aesthetic and your tidying-up desires. Bold-statement motifs, vividly painted furniture with easy-clean finishes, and Technicolor schemes give the tiniest digs a heaping helping of panache. This patriotic room gets its style from statement-making wallpaper, accents, and wall hangings. A practical hardwood floor makes it easy to change the room's style without a costly renovation as the child grows older. 

Clear the Decks

desk for kids

It's important to contain clutter in small kids' rooms so surfaces stay neat and there's a continuous sweep of floor available for playtimes, slumber-party sleeping bags, and hanging out with friends. If your budget allows, opt for built-ins that provide storage within reach and display space up top. Or, for kids bedroom ideas on a budget, outfit closets with adjustable organizers that will adapt to your maturing child's changing wardrobes. Equip underused corners, bookcases, or wall-mounted shelves with lively hued stackable bins and boxes and oversize baskets that corral stuffed animals, academic papers, and cherished mementos. Create an open-air closet of sorts by mounting sturdy hooks at kid-height on a door or wall so kids can effortlessly put away and retrieve outerwear, backpacks, and sporting gear.


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