Savvy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Bench near entry door
Learn how to maximize the tiny slivers of space in your home with clever storage ideas for your kitchen, bathroom, closets, and more.

Double-Duty Kitchen Island

Find additional storage space without adding square footage by adding shelves to existing fixtures. In this kitchen, recessed shelves add clever storage to the kitchen island. Smaller cubbies store wine bottles and larger shelves store electronics, such as the telephone and stereo. Now the island is both a convenient workspace and a storage powerhouse.

Storage Space Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is often wasted but here a butler's pantry adds function to this underutilized area. The small space is perfect for storing rarely used serving pieces or special-occasion dishware. Another nook near the base of the stairs houses the recycling center. Roll-out bins keep recyclables separate and out of sight.

Clever Kitchen Cabinets

Add more storage capability to your kitchen cabinets by making use of corner spaces. Slim drawers are just the right size to hold small appliances or baking pans. This savvy storage solution not only takes advantage of additional space, but also keeps items off the counter, which keeps the kitchen looking tidy.

Super Functional Banquette

Banquettes not only provide casual seating off the kitchen, but they can also house lots of storage. Drawers in the base hold everything from tableware to office supplies.

Pots and Pans Storage

Pots and pans are kitchen essentials, but their varying shapes make them difficult to store. Rather than filling kitchen cabinets with these cumbersome items, hang them close to the ceiling. Here, a ledge above the windows holds large platters while a bar with hooks holds hanging pots and pans.

Lovely Ledge

Small bathrooms make it difficult to store all of your bath supplies, but with a little creative planning you can find a way to make the space work. Here, a shallow marble ledge and vanity and a wall-mount faucet make the most of this tight space. Extending the ledge along the wall gives users a place to store toiletries while getting ready, which is often the biggest challenge in a small bathroom.

Pair with a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks don't offer many storage opportunities, so pair them with slim cabinets to create a wall of storage. Search big-box stores for vertical cabinets with open shelving and shelving behind doors. Here, tall cabinets feature doors that slide into the cabinet rather than swing out, which allows the doors to be open or closed without obstructing movement in the bathroom.

Recessed-and-Ready Bathroom Shelving

Make use of odd spaces in a bathroom by turning them into storage areas. Add recessed shallow shelves into a slim space to add much-needed bathroom storage without taking up valuable floor space. This open storage is perfect for storing guest towels because it makes them easy to find and keeps them within reach of the bathtub.

Stock Up on Stock Cabinets

Make use of the space between the bathtub and ceiling by adding storage options. Here, stock cabinets and cubbies stack up to create an interesting stairstep configuration that allows the space to be used for both storage and display. Use the open cubbies for storing towels for easy access.

To-the-Ceiling Storage

Running out of storage space in a small bathroom? Add a to-the-ceiling cabinet to provide storage and emphasize the room's height. This solution will also keep bathroom counters clear by providing a space for supplies. Shelves also make this above-counter cabinet a good spot for display. Fill them with decorative towels, soaps, and jars that are both functional and pretty.

Clever Closet Solution

In older homes, closet space can be sparse. But with a little clever thinking, you can maximize what you have. Here, wasted dormers are turned into usable built-ins by digging out the space between the wall studs and adding a hanging bar. Now there is storage for clothing, and the exposed part of the cabinet creates a ledge deep enough to display a few trinkets.

Open-Closet Solution

Utilize space below a window by adding a shelf and a hanging bar. This small area is just tall enough to hang folded pants. Use the shelf to hold a charging station or small lamp to light the space. This is a good solution in a room such as an attic space that lacks traditional closets and requires open storage.

Kid's Room Savers

Maximize storage in a kid's bedroom by using every space available. Here, shallow shelves add plenty of storage to the small wall space around the windows. A window seat provides a cozy reading spot; adding cubbies below increases the room's storage potential. Fill the cubbies with bins to create a colorful and tidy corral for toys.

Tidy Home Office

A small space off the stairs is just big enough for a home office. To increase storage, convert an unused closet into supply storage. Outfitted with cubbies, the closet is so organized that the door can be taken off and space passed off as a built-in bookcase.

Useful Walls

In a small room, plain walls are a waste of valuable space. Instead, cover them with shallow shelves that can be used as bookshelves or for media storage. Make sure the shelves go from floor to ceiling to get the most use out of the space.

Eye-Catching Display Space

Add small shelves near the ceiling to maximize display space in a living room. These shelves make it easy to keep fragile items out of harm's way. They also draw the eye up, which makes the room seem taller and distracts from the small square footage.

Small-Space Laundry Center

Squeezing a washing machine and dryer into any available space is a common occurrence in many homes, but what about the rest of the laundry room supplies? Add fold-out drying racks to a wall to save space while still getting all the function required of a laundry center.

Entryway Solution

Make the most of an entry way by adding functional storage. A few hooks and a cabinet-turned-bench do wonders for the area behind a door. Add a cushion to the top of the cabinet to create a bench that provides a convenient seat for putting on boots. Add baskets underneath to store shoes, pet supplies, and mail.

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