How to Style Everything in Your Apartment Like a Pro

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When styling an apartment or a small home, no inch of space should be wasted. Each display needs to be beautiful, yet functional. These 10 styling tips will give your home a fresh, edited look while filling your need for practicality in every corner.

Style Your Entry

There is not often much of an entry space in apartments or small homes. Delineate an entry by using a long and lean console. A mirror and fresh flowers are perfect additions to this area. Add your next layer by flanking either end of the console with matching lamps. Finally, style the console top with layered books or boxes, topped with a special piece of favorite decor.

Style Your Kitchen

Apartment kitchens can be notoriously small, and every inch counts. Use your kitchen surfaces to display only beautiful and useful items, and eliminate anything that doesn't fall into that criteria. Some gorgeous ideas that will give your freshly edited kitchen surfaces a pro look are layering wood cutting boards against your backsplash, displaying potted herbs that you actually use, filling a canister with all wooden utensils, or displaying a lovely set of salt and pepper mills.

Style Your Coffee Table

It can be easy to allow a coffee table in a small home to get cluttered, so start by editing. If you need to keep items such as television remotes on your coffee table, find a pretty box with a lid to store them. Include beautiful books on your coffee table, both to display and peruse. Top a few of your books with some fresh flowers or a favorite decor item. Finally, have a large tray available on your coffee table to keep all of these pretties gathered together.

Add style to your coffee table with a just-right arrangement. With a mix of accessories, books, and flowers, and our favorite arranging tips, you can create a magazine-worthy tablescape.

Quick Styling Tips

Use these tips to bring designer style to your coffee table in mere minutes.

Style a Room Divider

In small spaces, particularly studio apartments, a room divider can make the best use of every square foot. A room divider can be as simple as a screen, and the only styling necessary is placing it in a pleasing location, though a bookshelf or see-through storage are practical alternatives. If your bookshelf consists of cubbies, try filling the cubbies with baskets. The clean-lined repetition will be pleasing to the eye. If you have see-through storage, select books that are not too high so light can pass over the books, but some room delineation is still provided.

Style Your Drink Station

Whether it is a traditional bar, a coffee station, or a water bar, drink stations offer a pretty place to keep glasses or mugs outside of your kitchen cabinets. Start off your drink station with a large tray. Fill the tray with drink items, a set of display-worthy glasses, a pretty container of drink stirrers, or a favorite bowl for citrus wedges. Finally, display some lovely cocktail napkins for texture and practicality.

Style Your Walls

When styling an apartment, don't forget about your vertical surfaces. Mirrors are a secret weapon for small apartments. They can be a gorgeous centerpiece above a sofa, flanked by art. Try to position your mirrors so that they capture as much natural light as possible, and redirect that light into darker corners of the apartment. Another pro tip for styling walls in small spaces is to group accessories on display. A wall of straw hats, collectible platters, or musical instruments make for beautiful displays that add interest.

Style Your Bedside Table

To achieve a stylish bedside table, start with a gorgeous lamp. Pile your favorite nighttime reads up so that they are easily accessible; plus they will create a nice height layer. Keep a pretty tray or stylish dish on your bedside table as a catchall for trinkets and nighttime care items. For tissues, make an effort to find a gorgeous tissue box cover. Decanters are a classy and pretty way to keep a drink of water at hand. And don't neglect your bedside for displaying fresh flowers. Having a fresh flower collection by your bed will help you fall into sweet dreams and wake with a smile.

Style Your Dresser

Dressers are the workhorses of our bedrooms, but the tops are often cluttered and rarely styled. The key to styling a dresser top like a pro is to gather all the useful items together in stylish containers such as lacquer trays, boxes, or baskets. Next, add a beautiful lamp or two to give height. Many dressers have mirrors behind them. Add a final, gorgeous layer by leaning a piece of art against the mirror. This adds another height level to your dresser top display.

Style Your Bathroom

Editing out the clutter and displaying the pretties is the name of the game in small bathroom storage. Once you have a clean surface, display a beautiful silver cup filled with makeup brushes or a clear glass cylinder filled with cotton swabs or cotton balls. Try using a chunky bar of freshly made soap, sitting in a favorite dish, instead of a plastic, packaged, soap pump. Add a pretty bottle of perfume and a dish of a few favorite jewelry pieces, and your bathroom will be filled with style.

Style Your Desk

When decorating your work space in an apartment, the biggest challenge is keeping a clear surface and getting your storage under control. Do not think of your desktop as a storage surface. Instead, find other places to store clutter and paperwork, such as desk drawers or file storage. In order to produce creative work, and to have a beautiful space overall, it is important that the only things on the surface of your desk are lovely. A vase of flowers, a beautiful letter opener, a favorite desk lamp, a few stacking boxes to hold desk supplies -- all of these special details will make for a dreamy desk.

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