A Tiny Dream Home Worth Going Small For

You don't need oodles of space to achieve dream-home status. Here's how you can tap a small home's potential with savvy decorating and design tricks.

Detailed for Appeal

Little design details add up to big style in a small front yard. Here, a charming fence and swath of plantings boost interest and curb appeal. A flagstone path leads right up to the entrance, while a small dormer displays welcoming presence.




Bring It All Together

A limited color palette and repeating materials create an easy flow throughout the kitchen and dining area. Small, easy-to-change accessories -- like a zesty orange tray -- offer an exciting pop of color and keep the space from becoming too matchy-matchy.

Storing Up

Utilize as much storage as possible. These IKEA cabinets pack a lot in minimal space. Pairing this soft green with white marble gives this kitchen a space-expanding illusion.

Pump Up the Pretty

Use a glass coffee table and leggy furniture to open up any living room, and give it a larger look. Combine colorful fabrics to bring it all to life.

Light and Bright

Paint large bulky furniture -- like this built-in entertainment center -- light colors allowing it to blend into the walls.

All About You

No matter the size of the home, it's important to add personal touches to the space. Tell a story in every room by incorporating meaningful knick-knacks in your decor. Here, nautical touches and blue mason jars conjure memories of summers spent in Michigan.

Picture This

Include a picture rail along walls to add architectural interest and avoid overcrowded wall space.

Party On Wheels

Having a well-stocked bar cart means always being ready for an impromptu gathering, while saving valuable cabinet space.

Stay Focused

Keep focal points functional and meaningful, like this metal canopy frame. It draws the eye up around the room without adding visual clutter.

Indulge Yourself

Even the tiniest of baths demand spotlight-worthy style. Make a statement in a small white bath with a single unexpected feature. The homeowner splurged on this custom metal shower door to achieve the look of old factory windows.

Garden Spot

A tiny indoor garden is an easy way to bring the outdoors in -- and an even easier way to keep fresh herbs on hand for cooking. When entertaining, simply move a few pots over to the table for effortless tabletop decor.

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