11 Small-House Ideas to Make the Most of Your Spaces

Increase Floor Space

Looking for some small house inspiration? Homeowner and designer Doug Davis shows how he makes the most of his charming 534-square-foot home. Steal his clever decorating and space-saving tricks to live big in your own small spaces.

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Small Home, Sweet Home

Small House Living Large

A few design, style, and organization tricks can make a small house live large. Customize these ideas to your layout and floor plan for a personalized, yet strategic setup that works for you.

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Tricks for Small Living Rooms

living room

Trick #1: Exposed-leg furniture airs out a space, but every room needs a little grounding. Here, the skirted sofa is up for the job. Without it, the leggy pieces would look as if they were ready to walk away.

Trick #2: A patterned area rug can make a small space look busy. Layer a smaller patterned rug over a larger solid rug to introduce just the right amount of pattern panache.

Trick #3: Choose materials that don't obstruct sight lines. Here, a wire mesh coffee table adds texture and function without visual weight. "It's the same effect as a Lucite piece in that it's almost invisible," Doug says.

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Multiple Choices

Make Your Own Media Console

Trick #4: Think versatility. In this living room, a dresser becomes a media console and—with drawers removed—a bookcase. "It's also like a mantel, giving me a place to create a focal point," Doug says.

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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Trick #5: Create the illusion of a spacious room by adding mirrors to your decor. The simple, yet versatile accessories add depth to the room and open it up with added light and dimension. "Antique glass is a nice way to open up a room without feeling like you're staring at yourself," Doug says.

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Small Kitchen, Big Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas

Trick #6: Slimmed down appliances, including a 24-inch-wide gas range and a 27-inch-wide refrigerator give the 8x11-foot kitchen an unexpected gourmet quality.

Trick #7: Use texture to convey style. Ribbed glass (rather than clear glass or solid doors) becomes build-in decoration in a hard-to-decorate space. Inside, everyday dishes stand out like display pieces.

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Eat, Prep, Work

Mini Farmhouse Makeovers

Trick #8: Double up function when needed. This home lacks a dining room and contends with a small kitchen. A restaurant work table in the corner of the kitchen is a dining table, countertop, and desk rolled into one. Backless stools keep things visually light.

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Seek Storage

Use Small Spaces

Trick #9: Add storage where you can find it. In the kitchen, a 4-inch filler piece of cabinetry by the range is a spice and glass rack.

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Sweet Sleep

Increase Floor Space

Trick #10: Built-in storage units provide plentiful storage space while avoiding floor-hogging dressers and armories. Doug went between the studs to gain to-the-ceiling storage in the bedroom.

Trick #11: Go with rounded furniture, like this bedside table, to allow more move-around space.

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