Craft Rooms & Sewing Rooms: Ideas for Craft Storage

Reinvent an extra room to create space for your favorite hobbies and crafts.

Storage-Savvy Crafts Room

Painted a cheery green, this user-friendly crafts room is packed with storage. An adjustable shelf system organizes art supplies along one wall and a desk below provides a handy work surface. Two canvas shoe bags (held in place with standard drapery rings and clips) function as window treatments and supply sorters.

Built-In Craft Storage

For a great, efficient craft room, take a few cues from your kitchen. Glass inserts in the upper cabinets make it easy to spot supplies. A large center island with built-in drawers and cubbies provides a generous work surface, and a counter gives additional space along the back wall. Occasional spills are easily cleaned up, thanks to the ceramic tile top.

See-Through Storage

Translucent containers that slide in and out of position make sorting and finding supplies a snap, while deep drawers are the perfect spot to store large tablets of paper or tall paint cans.

Cubbie drawers beneath the desk keep markers and art supplies close at hand and divide the long work surface to define space for two. Task lighting is attached to wall-mounted shelves, which house stacks of art books.

Multipurpose Craft Room

A dedicated craft room with space for both homework and relaxing pursuits can provide a handy spot that works hard for every family member. Figure out how much work surface you'll need to be comfortable.

Do you sew or have kids who paint on large swaths of art paper? You'll want more counter space than someone who pursues more contained passions like knitting. Lighting is important, too, as are a few comfortable chairs.

Great Wall of Storage

A clear pocket organizer mounted on the wall keeps paint and other supplies within easy reach. Gift wrap stays organized in a container along the wall, and paper and other craft tools have a home in mesh drawers. Spools of ribbon and other frequently used items are always in sight on the set of adjustable shelves.

Gift Wrap Station

Here's the perfect remedy for the holiday rush--a gift-wrapping station that keeps everything you need, from scissors to tape, in one convenient location.

Tucked into a former closet, this clever work area includes built-in rollers for paper and ribbon, a counter--positioned at chair height--for wrapping gifts, and an easily accessible wall-hung cabinet for supplies. A shelf near the ceiling holds bright buckets filled with markers, and the red-and-white color palette keeps the holiday spirit alive year-round.

Kids' Craft Area

A pint-size desk gives little ones their own space to create arts, crafts, and inevitable messes. The quartz countertop is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. As kids grow, the desk can be raised to standard height by installing cabinet feet under the vertical spice drawers and removing the lowest row of upper drawers.

Clutter-Free Craft Room

Keep your craft room clutter-free with containers that are easily accessible. Jars stashed with supplies and ribbon line the back of the countertop, and scrapbooks sit inside photo boxes in the wall-mounted cabinetry. Spooled ribbon is just a snip away when it's stored on a rod mounted to the wall. Two countertop heights offer different work zones, ideal for working on your feet or sitting comfortably at the desk as you craft.

One-Wall Storage Solutions

Displaying your supplies in the open spurs creativity and invites use. A wall-mounted rack made from pegs and removable dowels holds ribbon and wrapping paper. But rolls of paper also can be stored upright in a tall basket or trash can.

Wide drawers or shelves can be loaded with flat sheets of tissue paper, and if you tie a loop of twine around the handle of your scissors, you can hang them nearby. Protect ready-made bows inside plastic containers or boxes. If your space is extremely limited, look for hanging organizers that pack wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape neatly in a closet.

Open Storage

Hang a ready-made plate rack to organize art supplies. Paper easily slides between plate dividers, while crafts, paint, and other supplies fit neatly on the shelf. Buckets filled with crayons, markers, and watercolor paints hang on hooks attached to the bottom of the unit, making it easy to move kid-friendly art supplies wherever they're needed.

Wrapping Station

A wall-mounted grid forms the basis of this flexible storage space. Trays conveniently fit into the grid and hold ribbon, scissors, and other supplies. Label each tray and bin to make sure everyone knows what goes where. A rolling cart or small storage unit adds a handy work surface below the wall system and works in even the tightest quarters.

Gift Wrap Organizer

Don't have much room for a gift-wrapping station? No problem. Just install simple curtain rods or towel bars on one wall of a closet or utility room and hang wrapping paper. You'll have the storage space you need and an interesting wall display as well.

DIY Craft Storage

You don't need to spend a fortune to create a storage-packed hobby area. A simple piece of plywood on two painted nightstands does the trick. Drawers and bins add convenient storage below the work surface, while pullouts add additional work space.

Behind Closed Doors

A desk built into an armoire allows you to create a crafts area anywhere--and hide it when you want. A large bin on casters rolls out when you use the desk, but stashes bulky items back inside when the door is closed. Transform the back of the unit and the doors into bulletin boards with decorative fabric and ribbon.

Salvaged Storage

An old hutch atop a table creates a charming crafts area. Pegboard attached to the back of the hutch doors provides a handy place for tools or painting equipment. Glass canisters collect spools of thread inside the hutch, while spice jars hold buttons and other small items just below. Cheerful blue paint gives the storage unit a dash of style.

Sew Organized

A charming yet functional sewing space enlivens the most tedious tasks. Whether it's a dedicated room or a sunny corner, the basic requirements are the same: distinct areas for cutting, sewing, and pressing. Pattern your storage solutions accordingly.

The crisp white desk and chair provide a cheerful alternative to the utilitarian work surfaces we remember from high school home ec classrooms. The desk's cubbies and drawers catch the all-important threads, bobbins, scissors, sewing machine manual, measuring tape, and specialty feet for your machine.

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