Beige on beige? Hard pass. Give your apartment or dorm room the homey style it deserves with these easy, affordable DIY ideas.

By Allison Maze
May 06, 2016
teal and white room

Remember how much fun you had tie-dying at summer camp? This little project is just as awesome -- pinky promise. Add instant style to windows or a doorless closet with these fancy dip-dyed ombre curtains. Get the step-by-step here.

Pom-Pom Blanket


Boring blankets, be gone! Personalize a purchased throw by adding colorful pom-poms to its edges. Get the step-by-step here.

Faux Suede Stool


IKEA hacks have a special place in our hearts, and this woven pattern overlay might just be our new fave. Make an inexpensive stool look like a million bucks by attaching long strips of faux suede to the stool's bottom on two adjacent sides, then weaving the pieces and securing them with staples at the opposite ends.

Easy Accessories Updates

Even if this is your first place, it doesn't have to scream "college apartment." These five easy projects are accessory game-changers. Watch and learn how to paint glass, gild, add nailhead trim, stencil a tray, and create a doily bowl.

Greek Key Mirror


Budget makeover for the win. Fake an intricate wood mirror frame on the cheap using stick-on embellishments.

Chevron Wall Art

bedroom wall art

Skimp on cost, not style, with above-the-bed artwork you can do on a dime. Drop by your local hardware store to pick up some wood shims, spray-paint them with your favorite hues, and arrange them in a chevron pattern.

Painted Hangers

hangers, painted hangers, closet

We won't tell your mom how messy your closet really is, but this tiny tweak will help you cure clutter (and look good doing it). Paint natural wood hangers with crafts paint, then seal the painted hangers with polyurethane to prevent the color from rubbing onto fabric. Designate specific colors to organize garments by season or type.

Doodled Cork Coasters

DIY Budget Projects

These cute coasters are just what your coffee table ordered, and they'll make for a great conversation starter. To create these coasters, cut 4×4-inch squares from thin cork. Cut a simple herringbone pattern from stencil acetate, press the stencil onto a cork square, and apply acrylic paint.

Bookcase Backdrop


Refresh that yard sale bookshelf by painting the back or adding paper. For a style upgrade sans the permanence, apply your design to a poster board and use that to line the back of your bookcase.

Washi Tape Accessories

washi tape

Use bands of washi tape to bring school-cool style home. Pep up dull office accessories with bright, bold bands of color, and go wild -- your designs don't have to stick around forever!

Gift-Wrapped Magazine Files

Decorate with What You Have

Achieve organizational nirvana and keep your style game on point by covering your magazine files with gift wrap. Om sweet om.

Stenciled Floor Mat

Rug Stencil

Is it just us, or does this DIY floor mat seem like a perfect excuse to test-drive that trendy pattern you've been eyeing? A sheet-vinyl flooring remnant and a stencil are the secrets to this durable, can-do floor covering. Get the step-by-step here.


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