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After her parent's home was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, interior designer and television host Evette Rios went to work rebuilding her childhood home. She created a home for her parents that feels brand-new yet has sentimental memories spread throughout.

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    Calm After the Storm

    Although few family mementos survived the hurricane, those that did were put to use. In the living room, three of the family's original pieces of art form a focal point above the sofa. Brass wall lamps on either side of the sofa are convenient yet stylish light sources. Since they are mounted to the wall, there's no need to squeeze end tables into the small living room. Colors throughout the room were influenced by an intricate Oriental rug that lends a vintage vibe to the space.

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    Stylemaker Secrets: Secondhand Scores

    Evette scooped up these stunning etageres from Goodwill. Watch and learn her tips for spotting secondhand bargains and finding gems like these.

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    Old Meets New

    In every room, Evette incorporated something old to give the home a nostalgic feel. Many of the pieces also maximize the home's limited square footage. Here, a refurnished work table becomes an industrial chic coffee table. The apartment home doesn't have a dining room, but the coffee table can be raised to dining height and also has a flip top that expands to accommodate more diners. Vintage etageres were a thrifty score at Goodwill.

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    Playful Patterns

    Several patterns give the living room its personality, but the combination works, thanks to changes in pattern scale. Here, a dainty blue pattern on the curtains works with the larger damask pattern on the chair. Blue hues in both patterns create a look that is cohesive and playful.

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    Creating Harmony

    White upper cabinets and taupe lower cabinets feel harmonious thanks to a contemporary backsplash that features both colors. Swivel chairs at the bar can easily face into the living room for extra seating. Modern orb light fixtures break up all of the straight lines in the kitchen and add extra shine to make the space pop while the herringbone-pattern floor makes a subtle yet eye-catching statement.

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    Small Kitchen Tips

    This small kitchen packs in plenty of function and style, thanks to smart design choices you can use in your space.

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    Multitasking Space

    In this office/guest room, a daybed saves on space while still providing a place for guests to sleep. Gray and white stripes are unexpected, yet dress up the tiny room. The paint job also provides a neutral backdrop for a bright coral desk. A cabinet and slim bookcase capitalize on vertical storage in the small room.

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    Calming Color Palette

    In this bedroom, blue, cream, and khaki come together to create a relaxing space that is bright and airy. A corona featuring plaid fabric cascades from the ceiling, framing the headboard and adding an illusion of height. A clean-lined nightstand keeps the space from looking too stylized.

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    Small Bedroom Tips

    Like the kitchen and living room, this bedroom is small in square footage, but more than makes up for with style and function.

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    Add Some Warmth

    An all-white bathroom can read as institutional rather than inviting, but a furniture-style wood vanity adds a layer of warmth to this space and helps with bathroom storage. A glass partition stands in for a shower curtain and helps make the room feel more open.

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    Lively Outdoor Living

    This backyard patio is full of bright colors that work together to create a lively outdoor living space. Turquoise, apple green, and coral are offset with white furniture to give the strong hues room to breathe. An outdoor rug softens the area. Accents like throw pillows and side tables make the outdoor space as comfortable as an indoor living room.

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    Small-Space Tricks

    Evette shows the space-saving tricks she implemented to utilize every inch of her parent's small apartment.

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