An 800-Square-Foot Apartment That's Dressed for Success

Check out how this 1920s New York City apartment makes a statement with lots of layers, character-rich vintage pieces, fresh flowers, and flamboyant colors.


Everyone should aim to have a statement piece in their entryway. This becomes tricky with apartments that open straight to a living area. The residents of this small but stylish apartment used a sculptural accent table that helps create the illusion of an entry. Unique art takes the place of the usual mirror, while pretty blue flowers provide texture that pops against a neutral backdrop.

Entryways with Oomph!

Living Large

living room

The residents of this 800-square-foot Manhattan apartment started with a blank slate and played with color and layout to make the living and dining spaces seem larger. Pulling the sectional out from the wall is a surprise move in the small room, but it makes the space more cohesive while providing room for a parlor palm. Mismatched vintage chairs are visually light and add personality.

Outfitted Decor

pink flowers

Approach decorating like putting together an outfit—start with comfy, classic foundation pieces (like a pair of jeans or a basic T-shirt), then layer on pieces that add zing (such as a funky blazer or patterned pants). Your sofa is the foundation, and pillows, fabrics, and a painted coffee table add the special accents. Dark pink peonies complete the look, like a swath of bold lipstick.

Pillow Arranging and Styling Tips

Art Smarts

teal chairs

Art covers the dining room wall to differentiate it from the living room. An art collage trick: Vary the widths of the frames and mats. It adds life and makes the grouping more dynamic.

More Gallery Wall Ideas

Bold and Beautiful


Even a small dining room can have special decor. Mixed patterns and bright colors make a bold statement. Fresh flowers, like these anemones, go a long way in making a room feel cozy and extra homey. Place them in unique vases that complement surrounding colors.

Tiny Tones

white kitchen

Tiny kitchens do best with neutral colors. Stainless-steel countertops are easy to clean, and pale gray base cabinetry connects the sleek surface to a stone backsplash. Pops of color in unique pots, fresh produce, and a bold area rug prevent the small space from falling flat.

Easy Flow

teal wall

Teal walls energize this home office. For a modern, uniform look, baseboards are painted the same bold color. A satin finish helps the trim stand out just a bit against the matte-finish walls. Furnishings with slim silhouettes, including an industrial-style desk and midcentury upholstered chair, keep the work nook light and breezy rather than cramped.

No room for an office? Think again!

So Cozy


Charcoal walls bring as much drama to this snug bedroom as the Pop Art that hangs there. When choosing a bedroom wall color, don't obsess about whether it's an exact match to other elements in the room. A solid neutral will work with anything.

Colorful Spread


Throw pillows pull together a mix of colors throughout the primary bedroom. A yellow and gray afghan looks at home next to the colorful striped accents. Gray-and-white pillows and sheets ground the modern bohemian look.

Lovely Layers


A dresser display reflects the homeowners' love of layering. Start styling with a lamp, a plant, and a small decorative object, like these nested turquoise bowls. Stacked books used as pedestals help vary the heights; items with varying shapes, sizes, and textures add energy.

Collected Look


A mixture of small trinkets forms a collected look on the dresser surface. A folding screen is a no-hang art option, which is helpful for an apartment space that may only allow small nail holes in the walls. Fresh flowers mimic the leafy greens on the screen.

Fresh Start


The bathroom facelift started with the addition of marble tile walls, which add a luxe look. The large tiles give the illusion of a slab. The uniform look is broken up with mirrors, which bounce light around the primary bathroom to fake a bigger space.

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