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Apartments and condos are the best small spaces to decorate. Use our apartment decorating tips to live large in a small space thanks to expert tips that will maximize the space you've got. Learn how to decorate your condo around renting challenges, and your unit will be the best-looking one in your complex.

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This 700-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment Maximizes Function, Storage, and Style
An architect stretched the function and upped the style of her tiny kitchen proving it's not about how much space you have but how you use it.
3 Ways to Figure Out How Much Rent You Can Really Afford
Rent prices are increasing across the country. If you're trying to figure out how much rent you can really afford, here are the costs you need to be prepared for.
5 Designer Secrets to Make a Small Apartment Live Large
Designer Grant K. Gibson gave his 1906 San Francisco condo a modern update, maximizing every bit of its 855 square feet with a streamlined design strategy.

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Good-bye, dark past as a garage. Hello, bright happy future as a getaway. A homeowner creates, and then checks herself into, a cozy 250-square-foot apartment.
An 800-Square-Foot Apartment That's Dressed for Success
This 1920s New York City apartment makes a fashion statement with lots of layers, character-rich vintage pieces, growing and fresh-cut flowers, and a few flamboyant colors.

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An East Coast condo on Myrtle Beach is the perfect location for a modern, masculine bachelor pad.