It takes just two easy steps to light up your holiday display in the most beautiful, sparkling way. Check out our tips for adding lights to an evergreen garland.


Wrapping your garland with lights is easier said than done. Contrary to popular belief, you can't just wrap the lights around the garland as a whole. To get the branches to really sparkle, you need to use our clever technique.

Whether your lighted garland decorates a fireplace mantel or drapes from a staircase banister, it'll be the star of the holiday display all dressed in lights. Follow our two-step process for creating a lighted garland. It's so simple, you'll want to decorate with even more garland around your home!

Step 1: Find the Middle

To ensure that your lights will evenly span the length of your evergreen garland, start by wrapping the lights in the middle, not end to end. Find the center of your string of lights and line it up with the middle of the garland. Lay the lights on top of the garland at the center point and choose a side to start with.

Step 2: Wrap Lights

Starting with your chosen side, begin wrapping the lights up the length of one sturdy bough. Most wreaths have branches that are stronger than others, so be sure to choose one that will hold the weight of the lights. The lights should spiral up and around the branch. Continue wrapping the lights around every other sturdy branch until you reach one end of the garland. Then return to the center and repeat the process in the opposite direction to finish the remaining side. And just like that, your lighted garland is complete!

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November 30, 2018
This was a very simple and helpful description. For years I’ve been wrapping the whole garland and then attaching it to the banister.