15 Dazzling Winter Door Decorations to Welcome the Season

Round snowflake wreath on door
Photo: Jay Wilde

Greet visitors at the door this winter with a rush of inviting colors, textures, and ornaments. These front door decorations for winter feature natural elements and festive accents. Try one of these DIY front door decor projects and styling ideas to create a winter scene that suits your design style.

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Colorful Lantern Decorations

vintage sled, ornaments and gifts displayed on brick front porch
David A. Land

Glitzy ornaments in a rainbow of colors spruce up two lanterns outside this bright blue front door. Fill large glass lanterns with ornaments for an easy and inexpensive winter door decoration. Perching one atop a vintage sled alongside wrapped packages adds to the whimsical look. Tie the look together with a swag of greenery, sleigh bells, and colorful ribbon as the front door decor.

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Polar Bear Front Door Decor

front porch snow winter decor
Adam Albright

Dangling snowflakes and an adorable polar bear front door decoration add a playful touch to this front porch. The easy DIY door hanger is made using two mixing bowls, black felt for the facial features, and a cozy scarf. And since it's not holiday-specific, you can keep this winter door decoration up throughout the entire season.

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Winter Snowflake Wreath

Round snowflake wreath on door
Jay Wilde

Welcome the first snowfall of the season with this farmhouse-inspired snowflake wreath. The simple DIY project uses a vintage grain sifter as the background for a stitched snowflake. Frame the winter door decoration with sprigs of evergreen to enhance the seasonal display.

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Winter Village Wreath

Create a snowy scene, no matter where you're located, with this creative DIY winter wreath. Tiny houses and bottlebrush trees depict a seasonal scene on a basic evergreen wreath. Opt for a faux wreath as the base to reuse this winter door decoration year after year.

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Natural Winter Door Decorations

Natural Green Porch Holiday Decor
Helen Norman

Employ natural elements to create gorgeous winter door decorations. On this festive front porch, a decorated evergreen tree, wreaths, and garland are captivating against an all-white backdrop. A wire basket filled with firewood reinforces the natural coziness of this front porch.

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Pinecone and Ornament Garland

Red Door Pinecone Winter Garland
Cameron Sadeghpour

Trim your front door with a spectacular pinecone garland. Red glass ornaments, which you can hot-glue to a premade garland, coordinate well with a matching front door and berries that garnish tall lanterns. Hang the garland using outdoor-safe self-adhesive hooks ($5, The Home Depot) or clips.

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Winter Door Hanger with Deer

Wreath Deer Trophy Black Door
Michael Garland

Wreaths are classic front door decorations for winter. Get creative with DIY wreath ideas that showcase your personal style. Here, a papier-mache deer trophy spray-painted white makes a rustic statement against a black door, while a natural wreath made of live greenery softens this sophisticated front entry.

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Christmas Tree Front Door Decor

tree-shaped cedar wreath hanging red door
Kim Cornelison

Impress the neighbors with an extraordinary wreath that's surprisingly easy to do yourself. Simply wire a handful of mini cedar wreaths to one another to create the shape of an evergreen tree. Use a red ribbon to hang the wreath on a door (bonus points if the door is red) and decorate planters with matching lanterns.

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Silver Winter Door Decorations

holiday-decorated front wood door of tudor with black beams
Peter Krumhardt

Silvery stars take center stage on this charming front stoop. Metallic shapes accentuate the evergreen garland that surrounds the entrance and wraps around the posts, as well as the basket of greenery hung on the front door. An arrangement of metal trees on the front steps welcomes the holiday season.

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Star-Shaped Wreath

berry-studded greenery gabled entrance
Frances Janisch

Round wreaths aren't the only option for seasonal front door decor. Greenery in the shape of a star, and dressed up with red berries, makes a distinctive winter door hanger. Complement the wreath with matching greenery along an inviting gabled entrance. Small evergreen trees rest in galvanized buckets on both sides of the door, while crisp red lanterns and a welcome mat add pops of color to the walkway.

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DIY Ice Skates Wreath

This winter door decoration captures the nostalgic spirit of the holidays. Vintage skates filled with berries and branches create a unique alternative to a traditional wreath. Watch and learn how to make this timeless winter front door decor idea.

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Illuminated Winter Walkway

grapevine balls boxwood spheres Illuminated Winter Walkway
Matthew Benson

Create an enchanting entrance for the season by lining a walkway with grapevine balls and boxwood spheres with lights. Decorate with orbs in varying sizes to enhance the path's whimsical appeal. The display will look especially stunning against a backdrop of snow.

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Elegant Winter Door Decor

Fir trimmings gold starburst decor
Jay Wilde

Create an elegant wintertime entryway with a gold starburst mirror set between two wreaths. Fir trimmings and a painted papier-mache deer (protected from the elements by the porch) spruce up a cement ledge. Gold ornaments accent the topiaries for an extra pop of shine.

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Stacked Boxwood Wreaths

Stacked Boxwood Wreaths
David Land

Double the dose of cheer on your front door with two boxwood wreaths joined with a fuchsia ribbon. Adorn the wreaths with colorful ornaments to up the wow factor. Vibrant hues such as turquoise, magenta, cobalt blue, and metallic tones will stand out brightly against the dark green leaves.

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Coastal-Inspired Wreath

Coastal-Inspired evergreen decor
David Tsay

This coastal-themed entry demonstrates how winter door hangers can incorporate design elements that reflect a home's charm. A beachside location inspired these colorful winter door decorations. Starfish and scallop seashells embellish a simple wreath, while a crimson letter adds a splash of one of the season's traditional colors.

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