Wool Projects to Warm Up Your Home

As temperatures dip outside, snuggle up indoors with toasty wool projects.

Welcome Fall

A shield from the crisp winds and dropping temperatures, wool is the quintessential fall fabric. Spread the warmth of wool throughout your home with a few simple projects. Gather some woolens -- old and new -- in classic fall colors and patterns such as plaids and houndstooth. Look for readymade pillows, throws, and rugs along with washable wool blankets and wool yardage.

Fashion Inspiration

Treat your house like your fall wardrobe. A colorful wool sweater or plaid skirt adds warmth to a basic fall outfit. In the same way, your home's existing walls and furniture can provide the backdrop for cozy and bright-hued wool accents. The yellow throw and brown monogram pillow bring warmth to the already-there armchair. To make the pillow, cut your monogram from a piece of felt. Glue to a section of pressed wool. Wrap around a pillow and secure with pins or hand stitches.

Trimmed-Out Tricks

Curtain panels made of lightweight wool add warmth without being heavy. For no-sew panels, buy wool yardage to fit your windows and use iron-on fusible webbing for seams. For this homey trim, take a 4-inch-wide strip of wool and fringe both sides. Glue on ribbon where the fraying ends. Attach your handmade trim to the curtains.

Bowlful of Wool

A bowl of yarn has a down-home country feel. This simple project brings in more fall colors and patterns in small doses. Use a mix of wool and silk for even more variety. To make the balls, cut wool yardage on the bias into 1-inch-wide strips, or used pre-made bias silk ribbon. Wrap the strips around craft balls (Styrofoam or wood) and glue ends to secure.

Layer for Warmth

Classic pieces such as this gray painted cabinet and brown velvet sofa are a backdrop for layering. Wrap your throw pillows with bands of wool and silk and velvet ribbons in fall colors. Consider bringing in seasonal accessories with a fall or harvest feel, such as the basket-covered bottles and jugs.

Background Panache

Staple wool yardage on the back of a cabinet or hutch for a splash of pattern. Choose a fabric with a subtle design or a nearly solid color. Too much pattern or color will distract from your on-display goods.

Transitioning Pieces

Roses say summer, but orange says fall. An arrangement of season-spanning flowers helps your space say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. These vases of roses sit atop a glamorous mirrored occasional table.

Step it Up

Pair patterned and solid fabrics to sew a distinctive throw pillow. Small projects like this don't always require a whole yard of fabric. Look through the remnants at your local fabric store for a savvy money-saving alternative. Plaids, houndstooths, and checked fabrics are fall-favorites. Pair these basics with the unexpected, like this yellow silk.

Sweet Dreams

Dress your bed in a warm, luxurious mix of wool and satin. For a start, drape your bed with a wool blanket. For the next layer, make a duvet from two washable-wool blankets in different colors. Our lavender and orange blankets have saddle-stitched edges for a tailored look. Shams are covered in a throw cut in half and sewn into an envelope for each pillow. Give your bed's headboard a seasonal makeover with a slipcover stitched from plush wool fabric.

Skirting the Issue

Turn a blanket into a bedskirt. Choose a blanket that is large enough to cover the box springs and will extend down to the floor. Fold the blanket lengthwise down the center of the bed so the skirt just skims the floor. Fold pleats in each corner, hand-stitch the ribbon in place and tie.

Warm and Toasty Dining

Add autumn attitude to your dining room by layering in shades of spice, gold, and berry. Top the table with a folded plaid throw (opt for washable wool if you plan to dine at the table). For another touch of wool, make our no-sew doorway drape. Fold the top edge of a blanket down so that the other end just touches the floor. Clip curtain rings to the top edge, and hang from a tension rod.

Pets on Parade

For the dog-lover, capture your favorite pooches in silhouette form. Print and cut out pictures of dogs you love. Use your cutouts as templates for cutting shapes from wool felt. Adhere the silhouettes to wool fabric pieces using iron-on fusible webbing. Experiment with houndstooth, plaid, or solid backgrounds. Frame your silhouettes and hang for a warm and fuzzy dog gallery.

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