Once the holidays are over and your seasonal decor has been packed away, the rest of winter can be downright blue. Break out of your decorating rut with these cheery ideas for your winter home, including bright colors, fun patterns, and lots of light.

Updated July 23, 2018

Funky Wall Art

Holy cow, what a piece of statement art! But a giant painting or mural is a great way to add fun to decor. Look for art with bright colors, a favorite animal, or a beloved travel destination to give the piece added personality. 

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Change of Color

We're not suggesting a fresh coat of paint every season, but swapping out accessories can give a room a whole new look without much effort. This blue breakfast nook gets a second wind when paired with orange chairs and pillows. The trick works in other rooms, too. Swap out a plain duvet for a patterned one, or introduce cheerful towels in your bathroom.

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Gorgeous Greenery

It's time to bring nature indoors. Surround yourself with lush greens—either real or faux—to create an illusion of being outside. This space pairs plants with other neutral colors like beige and blue to create an earthy vibe.

Keep It Cozy

Amp up your home's cozy factor with plush texture. We're talking faux fur, velvet, velour, corduroy, and flannel. Introduce a mix of accessories in these fabrics, like an oversize velvet pillow and lush cable knit throw, then get ready to snuggle. 

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Merry Mantel

Mantels are an easy focal point for any room with a fireplace, especially around the holidays. Keep it fresh during the off-season with colorful artwork and fresh greenery. This space relies on a splashy watercolor painting and lilies. 

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Nice and Clean

The number one secret for a happy, healthy home? Keep it clean. The trick is to find a cleaning routine that works with your schedule and make a resolution to stick to it. This home uses floating shelves and sleek cabinets to put everything in its place.

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Fresh Flowers

Add some life to your home, literally. In addition to their gorgeous scent and color, fresh flowers (or plants!) bring vibrancy to any space. Look for flowers that are readily available, like tulips, orchids, and roses, and keep them in a warm, sunny spot.

Lots of Light

The sun sets earlier in the winter, but that doesn't mean your home has to get dark, too. Light the way to happier days with lots of lamps, string lights, and candles. Bonus points if you can find lightbulbs that imitate natural light.

Pretty Pillows

Add extra oomph to your living room with patterned pillows. Stick to a general color scheme, then go wild with stripes, dots, plaids, checks—anything you can find. This room combines pretty polka dots and buffalo plaid in hues of pink, white, and gold that add a touch of femininity to a velvet sofa.

Calming Candles

Soothe your senses with candles. Not only do they smell good, but the soft, flickering light sets a relaxing mood. You probably already have a stash of candles, but make the scented wonders part of your everyday decor by grouping them in trios of varying heights. Set them in your bathroom, bedroom, or any space that needs a dose of relaxation.

Eclectic Rugs

When the outside world is cold and gray, bring bold colors inside the home. Start with a multicolored rug, then bring in furniture and accessories to match. This space pulled in shades of teal, blue, and pink to create a vibrant reading nook.

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January 2, 2019
You go Amy! Use Mums, Carnations and Daisies in your arrangements if you want them to last.
January 1, 2019
Incorrect! Fresh cut flowers will not last in a sunny spot. They survive better in indirect light, changing the water and trimming the stems.