7 Decorative Holiday Mantel Ideas That Are Filled with Charm

This winter, invite friends and family to gather around your living room hearth with your custom-designed Christmas mantel display.

Decorating for the holidays can be overwhelming, but your fireplace mantel is an easy go-to spot for decorations. Transform your living room with holiday mantel ideas for the ultimate fireplace focal point. The key to a beautiful Christmas mantel display is balancing the size and colors of your accessories.

Quick DIY projects, lush evergreen accents, and items you already own can combine to create a stunning holiday mantel. When friends and family come to celebrate the holidays, your tree won't be the only item receiving compliments. These seven holiday mantel ideas will help you show off your style and come together in minutes.

1. Upgrade Your Christmas Garland

winter mantel holiday decorations
Jay Wilde

A traditional pine garland stretches across the base of this fireplace mantel. Wrapped in red buffalo-plaid ribbon and adorned with pinecones, the evergreen garland becomes a beautiful focal point. You can choose to hang stockings from the branches of the garland, but we recommend tucking adhesive hooks underneath the greenery for an effective way to hold up the weight of a filled stocking.

Editor's tip: As a safety precaution, never hang stockings or garland too close to an open fireplace if it will be in use.

If you love the look of these sweater stockings, you can make your own with our helpful steps.

2. Use What You Already Have

white trees red lantern decoration fall winter
Jay Wilde

Christmas mantel decor can be as simple as rethinking items you already own. Lanterns look good with various decorating styles; you can use them outdoors once the holiday season is over. Place a few different sizes of lanterns (Better Homes & Gardens Rustic Wood Candle Holder Lantern, $23, Walmart) on your mantel to give your display some height. Have fun choosing what pieces will go inside. An obvious answer is pillar candles, but we also love this bottlebrush tree scene. Another holiday mantel idea? Fill your lanterns with ornaments in a coordinating color scheme.

3. Hang a Christmas Wreath

Red berry accented wreath rustic wood
Jay Wilde

Welcome family and guests into your home with a bright, cheerful Christmas wreath at the heart of your fireplace mantel. For a modern take on the traditional look, start with a plain evergreen wreath and embellish it with various faux winter greens and bright red berries. If you can't find a wreath at the store that satisfies your design eye, don't be afraid to make your own.

4. Make Your Own Pom-Poms

winter mantel decorations
Jay Wilde

Get creative with DIY holiday mantel ideas. Make your own pom-pom garland to string around your Christmas tree or drape over a fireplace mantel display. Try an all-red design for a traditional holiday look, or switch up the colors depending on your aesthetic.

If you've made pom-poms before, you know it can be tedious work. However, with our how-to instructions you can make multiple poms at once.

5. Use Gingerbread as Decor

gingerbread forest cookie woodland scene on tabletop
Jacob Fox

Making a gingerbread house doesn't just have to be for fun. Try creating a gingerbread house village with multiple cookie homes, trees, and animals for a unique Christmas fireplace display. Use a light dusting of faux snow to create a wintry effect on your village. Frost your gingerbread village with white icing for a classic look, or opt for colors or candies that match your holiday palette.

6. Layer Mirrors

living room snow covered pine white stockings velvet green chair
Adam Albright

Mantel decor for the holidays can include pieces you wouldn't initially consider. For a simple yet dramatic look, layer vintage mirrors or hang a set of round golden mirrors (try this Better Homes & Gardens 3-Piece Round Starburst Mirror Set, $19, Walmart) on your living room mantel for a unique holiday display. Adding white lights and strands of evergreen garland keep your holiday mantel simple but charming.

7. Display Your Favorite Artwork

red gold holiday tree decorated fireplace
Adam Albright

Showcasing holiday-inspired artwork is an easy way to create a focal point on your fireplace mantel. Whether it's a family photograph or a Christmas phrase, artwork is a simple but effective holiday mantel idea. Adding in greenery, a Christmas village, or string lights can help fill the empty space in your display.

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