The Property Brothers Reveal Their Secrets for a Stylish Winter Mantel

Want a fireplace display that's festive enough for the holidays but looks right all winter? Drew and Jonathon Scott's Reveal Magazine breaks it down for you.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating a festive winter mantel, but these tips from Drew and Jonathon Scott's Reveal magazine (on sale now) can provide a helpful guide. Follow these five simple tricks to achieve a beautiful winter mantel that easily transitions to suit your seasonal decor after the holiday season is over.

blue wall fireplace festive reveal magazine
Carson Downing

1. Start with Art

To establish a mood and color palette, play around with art. A large piece draws eyes and provides a style starting point. Lean frames against the wall for a less formal look (they're easy to swap) or hang them for a more finished feel.

2. Go Green

Plants in pretty pots are winners year-round, and seasonal fresh flowers or branches bring in color and drama. For the holidays, call on fragrant greenery like eucalyptus or juniper. Simply lay branches on the mantel in strategic spots.

3. Light It Up

Candlelight brings coziness to any scene. A grouping of three or more candles in varying heights and holders will make the mantel extra festive. If you're nestling candles among greenery, use the flameless variety for safety.

4. Add Meaning

Displaying the brass owl that belonged to your grandmother or the ceramic bowl you got in Mexico adds personality and will make you happy every time you see it.

5. Mix and Match

Accessories, vessels, and art should be a mix of old and new, treasured splurges and budget scores, materials, and finishes. The result will be a mantel that looks layered and all your own.

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