See which scents our editors love for the holiday season—it’s not all peppermint and sugar cookie!

By Jessica Bennett
Updated December 02, 2019
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Candle shopping, especially during the holiday season, can be overwhelming. Just about every candle company floods the market with pumpkin this and evergreen that. To help you narrow your search for the perfect seasonal scent, we're showcasing seven of our favorite winter candles that you can shop on Amazon. Carefully chosen and tested by editors, each one offers a unique aroma and stylish container. (And don't worry, there's still a pumpkin scent on the list!)

Credit: Courtesy of Thymes

Frasier Fir by Thymes

One of the best parts of winter is building a fire and curling up with a good book. Skip the work of the crackling fire but keep all the cozy hygge feelings by lighting a candle with forest undertones. Frasier Fir is a tried-and-true favorite of Allison Maze Vancura, our lifestyle editor, who says this candle is like a fresh-cut Christmas tree—without the hassle of cleanup and watering. The hints of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood put a fresh twist on traditional winter candles. Expect to enjoy this grounding scent for up to 50 hours.

Buy It: Frasier Fir, $50

Credit: Courtesy of P. F. Candle Co.

Amber & Moss by P. F. Candle Co.

We love P. F. Candle Co. for its rich fragrances and apothecary-inspired jars. The amber and moss scent makes a refreshing addition to our winter candle collection. Lavender cuts the woodsy scent while sage and orange add freshness, making it a perfect transitional candle between fall and winter. Our home editor, Caitlin Sole, loves burning this soy candle all year long, but it's especially cozy as the weather turns colder.

Credit: Courtesy of Milkhouse Candle Company

Apple Strudel by Milkhouse Candle Co.

The only thing as good as the first bite of homemade apple strudel is the sweet, buttery smells that waft through the kitchen as it's baking. This candle recreates that enticing aroma with the scents of apples, raisins, and spices, which come from a blend of natural and fragrance oils. Infused with pure beeswax for a slower burn, this soy candle lasts about 65 hours.

Credit: Courtesy of Homesick

Grandma’s Kitchen by Homesick

Homesick candles first came to our attention with their original line of state-scented candles. The company continues to produce nostalgic scents with a line of memory-inspired candles. Among those is Grandma’s Kitchen, a candle with all the sweet, buttery scents you’d expect. We love Homesick candles for their clean, slow burn; each candle typically lasts up to 80 hours. Our deputy editor, Rachel Haugo, burned this scent at home and got rave reviews from both her 4-year-old son and her grandma.

Credit: Courtesy of Capri Blue

Pumpkin Dulce by Capri Blue

Capri Blue has just one pumpkin scent in its entire fragrance line—a rarity among today’s candle collections. But with a scent as good as Pumpkin Dulce, one is all you need! The candle is warm, sweet, and evocative of happy memories, as if you just pulled out a batch of homemade cookies. We wouldn’t classify this one as subtle, as it fills an entire room with its aroma. The candle comes in a glamorous glittery jar so you can add some sparkle atop your coffee table or countertop.

We also think Capri Blue's beloved Volcano candle makes a festive addition to your home in the cold-weather months. Although the scent isn't strictly winter-inspired, this bright, citrusy fragrance is one of our all-time favorites for any season.

Buy It: Volcano, $27.99

Credit: Courtesy of Yankee Candle

Pear and Tea Leaf by Yankee Candle

Sugar, vanilla, and peppermint candles are fun and festive in the winter, but sometimes we could use a break from the holiday hustle. Pear and Tea Leaf by Yankee Candle is an ideal scent for melting away the stress of a weekend shopping spree. It has an impressive list of fragrance notes including fresh ginger, apple, chai tea, golden pear, and vanilla. It’s multidimensional and warm, and it can fill a room without even being lit. Plus, the special Yankee Candle lid is made to fit underneath the candle as a pretty gold base.


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