Look no further for Christmas decoration ideas. Complete your front porch or entryway holiday display with this so-simple DIY tartan rug.

The best place to find a classic holiday rug isn't at the store; it's right at home on your craft table! Making your own plaid runner is a fun way to decorate for the holiday season and will save you some serious cash for gifts. We will show you how to make a tartan-inspired runner using just a jute rug, a brush, and paint—no rulers, tape, or sketching required! It's so easy, even the kids can help out with this one (under supervision, of course). Check out the simple steps below to learn how to make a runner for Christmas.

DIY rug

How to Make a Plaid Runner

Supplies Needed

  • Jute runner or rug
  • Drop cloth
  • Paint
  • Roller brush

Step-by-Step Directions

Learn how we made a DIY floor runner for Christmas, below. This plaid holiday decor project might even inspire more Christmas decoration ideas.

DIY red lines on rug

Step 1: Apply Vertical Stripes

First, you will paint the vertical stripes on your DIY floor runner or rug. We used a handheld paint roller for a fast and easy paint job, but a paintbrush will work with a steady hand. 

Consider how you want your rug to look. If you want it to be symmetrical like ours, start by painting two large stripes several inches off from the center. Then paint smaller stripes on the outside of the larger stripes. Fill in the stripes. As you paint, let the texture of the rug come through for an antique look.

Editor's Tip: To get straight lines, follow the pattern on the jute rug. The weaving makes it simple to keep your hand on track. If you prefer, you can also use painters tape to guide your lines.

Making horizontal red lines on rug

Step 2: Add Horizontal Stripes

When painting the horizontal stripes, mimic the technique you used on the vertical stripes. Start from the center and work towards one side, using a variety of stripe sizes. Be sure to paint all the way to the edge.

Next, move back to the center and finish the remaining side, mirroring the same order of stripes you already painted. Let dry.


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