25 Festive Ideas for Decorating with Pinecones

Door wreath made of evergreen, holly, and pinecones
Photo: Jay Wilde

Gather pinecones to add seasonal style to your home in the chilly months. These pinecone decorations work as winter centerpieces, door decorations, mantel accents, and more.

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Holiday Pinecone Garland

white cabinet cranberry strings with pinecones
Kritsada Panichgul

Whether hung outside your home or by your fireplace mantel, a garland is a staple for cold winter months. String together cranberries and pinecones to create a simple festive garland perfect for anywhere in your home. Add eucalyptus leaves or faux greenery to finish off the look.

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Unexpected Pinecone Decor

minimalist white bathroom with wood accents and pinecone decor
Dominique Vorillon

Decorating your bathroom for the holidays can sometimes be an afterthought. Luckily, just a few small accents can bring holiday cheer into this hardworking room. Hang wire baskets full of pinecones to bring a rustic touch to your holiday decor. Place sprigs of evergreen and pinecones along your bathtub tray for an understated touch.

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Festive Pinecone Door Garnish

pinecone and holly berry decor on doorknob
Jacob Fox

For a different take on holiday door decor, combine pinecones, red berries, and some evergreen sprigs to create a beautiful doorknob hanger. Try hanging this on your front door for an alternative to a traditional wreath or on a doorknob in your home for extra holiday cheer. Adding in different shades of evergreen can help bring dimension to your DIY pinecone decoration.

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Rustic Holiday Table Setting

dining table with brass deer, candles, greenery and cinnamon rolls
Adam Albright

Plain pinecones make eye-catching accents on a farmhouse dining table. Gather the pinecones in the middle of your table as an alternative to a floral centerpiece, or place a pinecone on each plate to add a natural touch to place settings. You can also sprinkle them throughout a centerpiece of faux greenery, like eucalyptus or evergreen branches.

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Organic Arrangement

pinecones plants and candles in small metal holders
Jay Wilde

Create festive pinecone table decor with candles and natural elements. Here, galvanized metal cups are alternately filled with votive candles, pinecones, fresh greenery, and seasonal berries. The texture-rich display works well as coffee table decor or a dining room table centerpiece.

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DIY Pinecone Wreath

Wreath made with pinecones and ornaments
Greg Scheidemann

Display these beauties in their natural environment with an outdoor pinecone wreath. For a non-traditional look, flock the pinecones and add metallic gold accents, like ornaments and walnuts. Hot glue or tuck in berries, nuts, or evergreen sprigs for a more seasonal look, or keep monochromatic with a large gold ribbon for a contemporary twist.

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Miniature Pinecone Forest

Mantel with trees and pinecones
David A Land

Pinecones add a warm, woodsy touch to modern holiday decor. This mantel display intersperses pinecone stocking holders between colorful bottle brush Christmas trees and metallic accents. For a contemporary feel, choose decorations in unexpected hues, like coral or pink, instead of more traditional Christmas colors.

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Pinecone Mantelpiece with Holiday Spirit

Christmas decorations with pinecones and ornaments
Kim Cornelison

Add interest to your fireplace mantel with a garland tucked with pinecones and glass ornaments. Vary the sizes and colors of the ornaments for a more spirited look. Here, mementos crafted from the bottom inch of Christmas trees from years past dangle between the boughs.

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Winter Charm

Tree made of pinecones on shelf
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Pinecones of various shapes and sizes come together in this gorgeous tree decoration. To make this DIY pinecone project, hot glue large pinecones around a foam cone starting at the top. Fill in any gaps with smaller pinecones. Bleach or paint the pinecones before assembly for a snowy look.

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Classic Garland Twist

Fireplace with pinecone decoration
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Use pinecones to put an unexpected spin on classic holiday decor. Here, pinecones take the place of typical greenery for a bountiful garland that makes a traditional space feel cozier. Velvet ribbons tie off the ends with a flourish.

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Seasonal Pinecone Swag

Door wreath made of evergreen, holly, and pinecones
Jay Wilde

Gather the best of nature's gifts in one bountiful outdoor arrangement. Tuck pinecones into lush greenery like eucalyptus and evergreen branches for a door decoration that adds major holiday curb appeal. Dot the swag with faux berries and top it off with a festive red bow.

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Winter Kitchen Decor

Kitchen counter with evergreen and pinecone decoration
Elizabeth Fourez

Pinecone decorations aren't just for outdoors. You can use them to deliver seasonal spirit to every room in the house. Tie pinecones and evergreen clippings around glass jars with twine to turn kitchen countertops into a festive vignette.

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Traditional Holiday Wreath

Wreath made with leaves, pinecones, and berries
Matthew Mead

Fashion a wreath from assorted greenery, holly berries, and pinecones for a classic holiday decoration. This one mixes eucalyptus leaves, spring-green ivy stems, and variegated euonymus sprigs for a texture-rich display. Pinecones, both large and small, tucked between the leaves add even more eye-catching interest.

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Center of Attention

Aerial view of centerpiece made of candles and berries
Marty Baldwin

Round up an assortment of pinecones for a table centerpiece that overflows with seasonal charm. Choose a large ceramic platter or tray and fill it with pinecones, sprigs of holly berries, and votive candles. Place the arrangement on a neutral table runner for a simply beautiful Thanksgiving table setting.

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Evergreen Accent

Bannister with evergreen and pinecone decoration
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Add appeal to your staircase banister with a pinecone decoration made from evergreen boughs and ribbon. Use florists wire to combine to or three pinecones. Choose ribbons in two complementary colors and fashion a large bow above the pinecones. Hang the swag on the end of the banister to create a stunning holiday focal point.

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Warm Welcome

Red front door with pinecone festive pinecone décor
Cameron Sadeghpour

Offer guests a holiday greeting with a front door dressed up in pinecone decor. Drape a pinecone garland across the door frame using self-adhesive hooks or clips. For extra pizzazz, sprinkle colorful ornaments or bells between the pinecones and secure with floral wire. Place tall glass lanterns filled with white pillar candles just off the front stoop to create a warm winter glow.

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Perfect Pair

Centerpiece with ornaments, evergreens, and pinecones
Marty Baldwin

Marry natural elements with shiny ornaments for a simply stunning Christmas centerpiece. Secure mercury-glass bulbs together using florist's wire and place them atop a wooden stand or bowl. Then arrange pine needles and miniature pinecones between the ornaments to fill in the gaps.

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Evergreen Table Runner

Table décor with candles, evergreens, and pinecones
Joseph Keller

Construct an organic table display that will be appreciated long after mealtime. Here, pinecones and fresh greenery surround rustic steel-framed lanterns, conveying the casual atmosphere of the outdoors. Light the candles before guests arrive to create a cozy ambiance.

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Pinecone Tabletop Decor

Patterned Pinecone Napkins
Miki Duisterhof

Adding tiny pinecones to your holiday place settings is a simple way to elevate your dining table. Pinecones and small evergreen branches tied to a printed holiday napkin look amazing on any table. Add color to the arrangement with small red berries.

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Painted Pinecone Trees

Painted Pinecone Christmas tree
Jay Wilde

Turn extra-large pinecones into tiny trees that make adorable accents for a side table or buffet. Paint pinecones in various shades of greens and place them in small white succulent pots to make festive tabletop decor. This is a quick and easy way to transform pinecones into budget-friendly holiday decor.

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Decorative Holiday Mantel

Fireplace mantle with apples and evergreens
Keller and Keller Photography Inc

Decorating your fireplace mantel with pinecones is a simple and elegant way to make your home feel warm and cozy. Start by draping a natural holiday garland across the length of the mantel. Next, lay the pinecones on top of the garland, alternating setting them upright and on their sides. Finish by nestling fresh apples between the pinecones to create a stunning and whimsical display.

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Pinecone Tree

Vase with branch and pinecones
Peter Krumhardt

Mimic the winter landscape with twigs clipped from the yard. Stand branches in a glass vase, tucking them in among glass baubles and more pinecones for support. Hang pinecone ornaments from the branches, adding a few snowflake ornaments for the holidays.

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Color Coordinating

Small evergreen with pinecone décor
Peter Krumhardt

Pair pinecones with earth-colored accessories to enhance their natural appeal. Here, pinecones are accented with sage green pots and a miniature tree. Come Christmas, add touches of cranberry red for a festive look.

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By the Basketful

Basket near fireplace filled with pinecones
Peter Krumhardt

A birch-bark basket gives a home cozy cabin appeal. Instead of filling the basket completely with pinecones, place an unseen filler in the basket, such as a block of florist foam or a smaller overturned container. Cover your filler with pinecones, greenery, and other natural finds.

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Bubbly Branches

Ornament with pine tree branch inside
Peter Krumhardt

Small sprigs of pine make a great filler for clear ornaments. This simple DIY decoration looks great in both fall and winter. You can display the ornaments in a vase or hang them on a tree.

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