Before & After: Christmas Decor for a Country Home

A country-style home with a red-and-green color scheme is easy to decorate for Christmas with just a few charming vintage accents.

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    Merry & Bright

    The bright red-and-green accents outfitting this old-time country farmhouse provide the perfect backdrop for traditional-color Christmas decorations. In the family room, a red gingham sofa pairs perfectly with a festive assortment of holiday trimmings.

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    Before: Classic Country

    Red-and-white checkered furniture, green chicken coop shutters, and green-and-white striped outdoor awnings are yearlong staples for this country home. Throughout the year, a collection of secondhand baskets and a couple of antique weather vanes give this space its authentic farmhouse charm.

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    Mixed Medley

    Come Christmas, this family room mantel features an assortment of vintage trinkets pulled together by the homeowner to create an enchanting display. Garland draped across the mantel and cheery plaid lampshades complete the look.

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    Fresh Look

    To add an extra touch of Christmas to the family room, red poinsettias take the place of everyday coffee table accessories. As a finishing touch, the homeowner positions the blooms inside small vintage milk bottles.

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    Sweet Treats

    Red, green, and white candies piled high in attractive vintage glass jars make for a simple and inviting holiday display.

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    Before: All-American Approach

    Throughout the year, a tall white dining room hutch provides a stunning storage space for the homeowner's expansive collection of blue-and-white dishes. The table is covered with a crisp white tablecloth and decorated with red gingham placements. Vintage floral sheets serve as charming chair covers.

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    Bold Accents

    Floral wallpaper adds charm to the dining room all year. But only a few seasonal elements were needed to transform this space for Christmas. On the dining room table, quaint red Gerber daisies were swapped for miniature artificial trees. Evergreen boughs and vibrant red bows served as festive embellishments for two hanging chandeliers.

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    Delightful Display

    Using small color-themed elements such as red gingham linens and decorative Christmas cupcake liners, the homeowner creates an easy transition for the holidays. Here, the contrasting red accents blend right in with the display of Blue Willow china.

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    Jolly Table

    For Christmas dinner, the homeowner likes to use what she already owns. She mixes everyday red dishware with small holiday accents to create a place setting that is festive yet casual.

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    Before: Quick Service

    Throughout the year, an old refurbished stovetop purchased from an antiques store functions as a versatile serving buffet. Simple glass canisters filled with sweet red treats bring a pop of color to the comfy corner space.

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    Joyful Touches

    Come Christmas time, this old antique stovetop easily converts into a lively hot chocolate bar. The cheerful red chairs positioned in front make the space the perfect place to enjoy a hot beverage. Santa inspired mugs and a row of miniature Christmas trees serve to further the Christmas spirit.

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    Retro Windows

    Taking an imaginative approach to Christmas, the homeowner hangs vintage red, white, and green aprons in the windows above her kitchen sink.

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    Vintage Details

    Neatly tied together, evergreen and ribbon hang inside a kitchen window. These bright red Christmas bells are one of the many old-fashioned details that help give this home its old-world Christmas appeal.

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    Before: Sleek Entrance

    An open and curvy staircase dressed in gleaming white paint is both old-fashioned and modern at the same time. The streamlined structure is fresh and modern, but the arched screen door is distinctively vintage.

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    Seasonal Stairway

    Throughout December, the stairway becomes a festive canvas for holiday trimmings. Stairs painted in beaming red serve as a spotlight for perfectly wrapped gift boxes that are scattered about.

    Editor's Tip: For a less permanent pop of color, consider covering steps with a red runner.

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    Holiday Treasures

    The homeowner arranges an easy table display by filling a country bowl with a collection of small vintage ornaments.

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    Patriotic Presence

    Throughout the year, the living room takes an all-American approach by combining crisp white walls with cherry red gingham and ocean blue mattress ticking. Chicken-topped canisters and a lamp made from an old cream pail add an old-time touch to the patriotic space.

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    Merry Mantel

    To get into the holiday spirit, fresh evergreen boughs interspersed with vibrant holly branches were draped along the living room mantel. A set of decorative Christmas trees ornamented with seasonal bows flank either side.

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    Warm Nostalgia

    Delicate white stockings adorned with red gingham bows bring a cheerful presence to this basic white mantel.

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    Homespun Charm

    Handmade Christmas pillows stitched in a traditional red-and-white color scheme add a cozy and personal touch to the home's day-to-day decor.

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    Before: Rural Living

    A salvaged country sign gives the side porch of this farmhouse a rich, down-home charm. Painted red chairs and an open green shutter hung as artwork complete the look.

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    Outdoor Charisma

    During the holidays, ribbons, evergreens, and presents give the porch a festive makeover. Here, a shutter from an old chicken coop becomes a frame for a festive holiday wreath.

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