Add Farmhouse Style to Your Front Door with This Black-and-White Wreath

Make a monochromatic Christmas wreath with frosty pinecones, twigs, and pretty plaid ribbon.

We've been dreaming of a white Christmas, and though the snow hasn't come yet, this wreath is the next best thing. Donned in monochromatic decor and branches, this wreath is truly elegant. It looks great on the front door of a home dressed in an all-white Christmas light display, and you can build it to match almost any interior. 

Although it looks expensive, it was actually made from an affordable store-bought evergreen wreath. Check out our instructions below to see what materials you need to build this beauty. For more evergreen wreath inspiration, check out our collection here.

What You Need

  • Evergreen wreath
  • Flocked twigs 
  • White pinecones (various sizes)
  • Pearl berry branches
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue 
  • Ribbon 

Step 1: Place Twigs

Find bundles of twigs that have been flocked with fake snow from your local crafts store. Use scissors to cut the bundles into shorter twigs to make them easier to manage. Stick each branch gently into the wreath, tucking them beneath the evergreen needles. It may seem like the twigs are held in tight, but always reinforce the ends of the twigs to the wreath with hot glue or floral wire. As you place the twigs, make sure they're all pointing in the same direction.

Step 2: Add Pinecones

If you can't find frosted pinecones at the crafts store, make your own with a light layer of spray paint. We used medium-size pinecones mixed with small pinecones for a visual appeal. Place the pinecones around the wreath, filling in any spots that look bare. Be sure to cover the sides of the wreath as well as the middle. The pinecones are best attached with hot glue, though you may use floral wire as well. 

Step 3: Add Beads and Finishing Touches

Most crafts supply stores sell stems of berries to use as floral filler. Decorative berries in pearlescent colors may also be on the shelf. Pick up a few shimmery stems  and cut the twigs into small pieces. Stick the berries into the wreath just as you did in step one. These are great for adding character to your wreath while filling out bare spots. 

To finish your DIY Christmas wreath, top it off with a black and white buffalo check ribbon!


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