Decorate with Seashells

Even when you're far from the coast, rooms decorated with seashells will take you back to the beach.

Tabletop Beach

To show off a shapely shell, pour sand into a glass cylinder vase. Arrange the conch to call attention to its natural beauty. Stand the vase on its own or rest another shell or two against the base.

Star Shower

For an ocean-fresh splash in the tub, string denizens of the sea along your shower curtain. Nab shells from a beach vacation or purchase some from a crafts store. Drill a small hole in the starfish (no need to drill holes in the sand dollars -- they have one), string them on cotton cording, and loop the cording through the shower rings. You can also hang individual shells from lengths of twine or ribbon.

Shell Bowl

This is a pretty way to display large shells in a bathroom. One bowl-shaped shell is filled with a variety of shells and soaps, then topped with a pretty starfish.

Beach Side Table

This bamboo end table takes a cue from its surroundings to turn an elegant display into something a little more fitting for the beach.

Shells On Display

Large shells, individually displayed, are as attractive as fine sculpture. Look for perfect pieces that will sit flat or be propped up on a stand or pedestal.

Seaside Elegance

If you want to add a subtle touch of the ocean to the bathroom, shells are the perfect accessory. This bowl of pretty neutral shells displayed on the bathroom's exposed shelf looks simple, classic, and clean.

Worth Framing

Art featuring different types of shells decorates a wall in this bathroom. The collages of six prints framed in black stand out against the blue walls and are beautifully lit by a decorative sconce.

Shell Basket

Decorative bowls are often used for storage, display, or a unique room accent. Here, a large shell sits in place of a typical bowl in this cute beach-themed display. Large shells are great for displaying mixed fruits, potpourri, or smaller shells.

Mantel Shells

A mantel laden with shells brings a few nautical touches into this family room. Adorning a fireplace mantel with your favorite shells is a great way to infuse something personal into your space.

A Textural Display

Shells appear in a wide range of neutral tones including white, beige, tan, and brown. Display their variety in an arrangement like this one -- piled high with texture and interest in clear glass vases.

Ocean Breeze

Seaside style can be accomplished in any room with any accessory. Here, a cafe curtain inspired by the sea receives a simple embellishment: shells. To create this look in your own home, simply find a cafe curtain that fits your window and adhere flat-surfaced shells with fabric glue

Shell Chic

With its subtle variety of hues and textures, an arrangement of shells, pottery, and a Victorian bust makes this table a centerpiece in the room.

All Shelled Out

Using shells for craft projects is a beautiful way to add seashell style into your life. Here, shell-encrusted pieces steal the spotlight in this dramatic hallway display.

By the Sea

This display drew its inspiration from the soothing array of natural pieces and the serene color palette of sky, sand, and water of the beach.

Nautical Decor

If you live by the ocean or just enjoy going to the beach, then decorating with nautical accessories may be your style. This wallpapered dresser is topped off with a bowl of shells that will remind you and your guests of the sea.

Sea Memories

Wonder what to do with all the little shells you have found washed up on the shore? Collect the small beauties and glue them around a frame for a quick and easy beachy accessory.

Shelf Shells

This bookcase is an ode to shell collecting! White shells look stunning set against the gray backdrop while blue hardback books provide a colorful contrast.

Reflections of the Coast

The cool sparkle of a mirror is a natural complement to the gentle colors and shapes of common shells. When the shells are layered, they bring to mind buckets of treasures gathered on a warm summer day.

Gone Shelling

This home captures the essence of the beach in a nontraditional spot. Conch shells line these stairs, giving family members a place to show off their favorite shell treasures.

Shell Setting

A centerpiece of mixed shells gives this colorful summer table a pleasant seaside ambience.

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