Spring-Inspired Paint Projects

Use these simple tools and techniques to create unique wall art, home decor, furniture makeovers, and more!

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    Paint Projects

    Just look at what you can do with paint! From fabric to furniture, wall art to wall treatments, any piece of home decor can get a big style boost with a bit of paint and creativity. Team DIY producer Meredith Ladik created these cheerful nature-inspired artworks to accent the wood-grain theme. Download and print her squirrel art and the acorn art. Print them in color, and they are ready to frame and hang!

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    Wallpaper Stencil

    Get the look of designer wallpaper without the price tag. Find an oversize wall decor stencil at your local crafts store. Apply the stencil on the wall in an abstract pattern. Use the same technique but on a smaller scale to create custom cards. Keep clicking to learn how.

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    DIY Stationery

    Nothing beats a handmade card. Use this idea to customize birthday, anniversary, and other cards, or create a set of your very own stationery.

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    DIY Stationery step 1

    Find a stencil you love at a crafts store or scrapbooking shop. Place your blank card under the stencil. Tape into place if necessary. Use a foam stencil brush (also available at crafts stores) to blot paint onto the stencil. When the area is covered, remove the stencil and allow the painted design to dry. Repeat until you have a complete pack of cards.

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    Kraft Paper Wall Art

    This project ranks high on our list of cheap, easy, and totally frame-worthy wall art! Buy an inexpensive roll of kraft paper (or use scraps), a basic wood frame, and mat, then pop open the tops of those leftover paint cans.

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    Kraft Paper Wall Art step 1

    Start by laying your piece of kraft paper flat on a level surface. Tape the edges to prevent curling, if necessary. Load a 1- to 1-1/2-inch brush with paint and draw the brush downward. Continue making abstract stripes with one color. Embrace rough edges, paint splatters, and other irregularities. Allow the first color to dry before adding stripes in other colors.

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