23 Pretty Spring Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements

Decorate your table with these colorful spring centerpiece ideas.

arrangement of yellow daffodils in centerpiece

Carson Downing

Whether you're hosting Easter brunch or making plans for spring entertaining, these bright spring centerpiece ideas will add fresh seasonal style to your table. A simple vase of tulips makes a pretty statement piece for your next book club gathering, while an elaborate arrangement of colorful flowers will leave your dinner party guests in awe.

Take inspiration from the vintage Easter decor trend or create a stunning bouquet of fresh blooms from your spring garden. To help you get started, we're sharing our best floral arranging tips and spring decorating ideas for your table.

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Lilac Centerpiece

lilac bouquet on pink table

Carson Downing

Some of spring’s greatest hits come together in this arrangement, united by a purple color palette. Tall, stately alliums provide the focal point, lilacs add a heavenly scent, and tulips bring a graceful element to the centerpiece. Add a few snips of foliage and yellow-green hellebores to break up the purple flowers. 

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Pastel Spring Centerpiece

pastel flower arrangement and green plates

Kindra Clineff

Take inspiration from the pastel home decor trend for your spring centerpiece. Here, vintage blush, mint, and blue pastel plates are contrasted by the bright pink and green elements of the floral arrangement.

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Fresh Spring Foliage

white irises and green plants in centerpiece

Carson Downing

Bring your garden to the table with a lush spring centerpiece. To get the look, place cut white bearded irises amid foliage plants like ferns, ivy, sorrel, and Columbine. You can keep all of these in their nursery pots, because the decorative basket hides the containers. The cut flowers will last for about a week, then you can either replace them or distribute the plants around your house or garden.

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Sunny Spring Centerpiece

arrangement of yellow daffodils in centerpiece

Carson Downing

Re-create the wild beauty of a spring flower field with daffodils in various shapes and colors, including sunshine yellow and pale peach. To extend the theme to the rest of the table, use any small vessel fitted with a tiny floral frog at the base. Stagger stem heights to highlight the flower head silhouettes.

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Spring Bouquet

floral centerpiece

Carson Downing

A large spring floral arrangement ties together all the colors of this table setting. The floral theme continues with additional sprigs of flowers in small wooden vases and pussy willow branches on each place setting. 

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Easter Floral Centerpiece

gold vase orange flowers Easter eggs
Kim Cornelison

Turn a handful of dyed Easter eggs and a bright bouquet into a playful spring centerpiece. To make it, fill a shallow vase with water and your favorite in-season flowers. Dye or paint colorful Easter eggs to match the hues in the bouquet and scatter them around the table.

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Flowering Branches

pink and green floral centerpiece

Carson Downing

Early-flowering branches like redbud are alluring after a long winter, but their heaviness can make them daunting to arrange. Enter the floral frog, which secures branches even in a low vessel so you can show off their shape. Soften the base of the arrangement with other early-spring flowers like tulip magnolias and hellebores. 

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Mixed Tulip Arrangement

tulips on a table with yellow background

Carson Downing

It can be hard to choose among the huge variety of tulips available in the spring—so don’t! Instead, create an arrangement that shows off standard, double, and parrot types in several colors. With stems held in place by a floral frog (which is hidden by polished stones), this spring arrangement allows a mass of flowers to emerge from the shallowest of dishes. 

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Neutral Spring Centerpiece

white flower centerpiece

Adam Albright

Few things are more inviting than a fresh all-white color scheme for spring. Here, an assortment of white flowers fill a creamy porcelain vase for a gorgeous centerpiece that pops against the natural tones of wooden dishes.

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Classic Daffodils

marbleized blue white pots daffodils centerpiece
Adam Albright

Gathered from the garden, an alluring clutch of golden, cream, and apricot-hued daffodils make a bright spring centerpiece. Select several daffodil varieties and colors for more interest. If you cut the daffodils before their buds have opened, they'll last longer in the bouquet.

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Florals for Spring

floral plates and flower arrangement

Victoria Pearson

Decorate your spring tablescape with a large floral centerpiece and matching floral plates. Choose hues that match the shades in your tablecloth, placemats, or colored glassware for a cohesive look.

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Purple Floral Arrangement

pink and purple flowers in gold vase

Blaine Moats

Although the flowers in this stunning spring centerpiece come from a florist, you could substitute garden flowers or blossoms from flowering shrubs. For maximum impact and the most natural look, gather the blooms into clusters of like flowers, rather than placing them individually into a more carefully arranged bouquet.

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Spring Tulips

peach tulips in vase

MC2 Photography Inc 

Tulips shine with their own personality, and because they continue to grow after cutting, they'll even rearrange themselves in a vase. Leave stems long for a playful arrangement, or cut the stems short to gather the flowers tightly together. Tulips are thirsty, so refill the dish with water daily to prolong the life of the blooms. 

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Rustic Spring Centerpiece

white flowers and greenery in black vase on table

James Nathan Schroder

A green-and-white scheme is easy on the eye and perfect for spring entertaining. This bouquet includes viburnum, French tulips, lisianthus, roses, and hosta leaves.

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Pink Peony Centerpiece

pink floral centerpiece

Victoria Pearson

An abundance of fragrant pink peonies fills a white ceramic vase for a pretty spring centerpiece. Rather than placing one oversized arrangement in the center of the table, sprinkle small vases with one or two flowers around the table to tie the look together.

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Cool Hues

bouquet of pink and purple flowers

Keller + Keller 

A tin bowl and saucer display welcome spring's arrival with an an assortment of purple hyacinth, blue grape hyacinth, plum-hue tulips, grape fritillaria, and ruffled columbine foliage accented with a black pussy willow arrangement added to the flowers. Begin by crisscrossing the willow branches to form a "nest" through which all the other stems can be inserted, weaving each flower just where you want it in the design. Notice how the dark centers of the tulips echo the black catkins.

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Living Vase

pink flowers on a table

Keller + Keller

Cover a small galvanized bucket with fresh-cut French pussy willow branches for a lovely living vase. To make it, cut enough pussy willow stalks to embellish the container's exterior and secure with twine. Then, fill the vase with bright pink blooms (we used light and dark pink tulips) and additional pussy willow branches for a cohesive look. Place the vase on a galvanized tray and add a few spring trinkets for a seasonal centerpiece.

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Dried Hydrangea Arrangement

dried flowers in bowl on table

Carson Downing

Dried hydrangeas, globe thistle, and ornamental oregano create a beautifully simple arrangement for a spring centerpiece. A hidden grid of floral or transparent tape across the top of the vase keeps the cloud of blooms in place. The muted tones of dried flowers lend themselves well to a springtime pastel palette.

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Farmhouse Spring Centerpiece

white hydrangeas in wood centerpiece


Create a spring centerpiece that blends seamlessly into existing farmhouse decor by placing jars of fresh flowers in a wood box or tray. This kind of arrangement is easy to put together because you don't need to assemble a grandiose bouquet to make a statement. Simply trim your favorite backyard blooms and pop them into mismatched glass jars.

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Daffodils and Tulips

yellow flowers in black vase


Yellow daffodils and orange parrot tulips pop against the neutral color scheme of this dining table. The color adds a cheery spring look to the intricately patterned vase and softens the stark black and white decor.

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Easter Egg Vase

easter eggs in flower vase

A large-mouth clear clear jar easily becomes the perfect vessel for an Easter centerpiece. Place a clear drinking glass in the center of the jar and gently stack dyed ceramic eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors. Then, fill the glass with water and add fresh blooms.

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Pussy Willow Arrangement

pussy willow in galvanized vases

Keller + Keller 

The common pussy willow is instantly recognizable, but there are so many other unique varieties for the landscape and the vase. Mixing several cultivars in one large arrangement makes a dramatic impact—and showcases botanical diversity. Here, the large galvanized jug holds four different types of the branches, while heritage pussy willow stems fill a small accent vase.

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Chest of Irises

purple irises in box

Kritsada Panichgul

Treasures of another kind fill this cedar chest. Line the box with plastic wrap, then drop in 4-inch pots of budded irises and mosses. Use fillers like spikemoss as the supporting cast for seasonal flowers.

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