Fall Wreaths Made of Leaves, Flowers, Wheat, and More Natural Elements

Twig wreath with miniature birds
Bring some autumn decoration to your door! We've got lots of inspiration for colorful, fall wreaths.

Square Door Wreath

Break the cycle of ordinary round wreaths by crafting a square arrangement. This large wreath was constructed using a mix of silk and dried elements such as pods, berries, wheat, twigs, and dried leaves, but you can use any seasonal elements that match your style. Hang the wreath with a simple ribbon to keep the focus on its unexpected shape and variety of textures.

DIY Leafy Wreath

Add a splash of fall color to your front door with a leafy wreath. To begin, gather fallen leaves (make sure the leaves aren't too dry) from around your yard, and purchase a wire wreath frame from your local home center or crafts store. Pierce the center of each leaf with the wire, and keep stacking foliage until the wire frame is no longer visible. Suspend the wreath using a colorful plaid ribbon to add another touch of autumnal character.

Leaf-and-Berry Fall Wreath

Take a step outside and allow nature to inspire your autumn wreath arrangement. This modern wreath was constructed using pieces of driftwood glued onto a standard wreath form. Colorful leaves scattered throughout add punches of seasonal color and texture.

Go Wild with Twigs

A group of small gourds makes a colorful statement amid an explosion of twigs. Scour your yard for a collection of tiny twigs. Using an adhesive that will hold up outdoors, glue the twigs to a metal wreath form and secure gourds in the center of the wreath.

Easy on the Eyes

Dress your front door for the fall season with this festive wreath. The base of the wreath is nothing more than the snipped-off top of a wire tomato cage, which creates spokes that can spear a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and berries. Create an alternating composition of tiny pumpkins or gourds and small ears of corn, using colorful berries to cover any exposed wire. An arrangement of evergreen branches and dried seeds finishes the look.

Colors of Fall

Faux leaves and other store-bought supplies can create a wreath that boasts lasting color. A collection of artificial leaves and twigs forms the base for this festive door display. Bright green apples encircling the center of the wreath add a burst of contrasting color and a season-appropriate motif. A head of kale fills in the center of the wreath and ties together the bold reds and crisp greens throughout the arrangement.

Monogrammed Wreath

Customize an ordinary wreath to suit your decorating style with a handful of colorful details. Bold red berry sprays and a pretty chartreuse ribbon dress up this standard store-bought grapevine wreath. A twine-wrapped monogram fills in the center to further personalize the display.

Fall Flowers Wreath

Repurpose a discarded round serving tray as a harvest wreath. Tie a length of wide velvet ribbon into a tailored bow, and hot-glue it to the tray. Add artificial leaves around the top of the rim, then hot-glue a cluster of real or silk fall flowers to the center.

Dried-Corn Wreath

A fall wreath allows you to greet guests with the sights of the season before they even step into your house. To re-create this simple wreath, purchase a plain wreath frame (this one is made of hay) and stalks of dried corn from your local home center. Peel back the husks and glue the ears of corn onto the wreath form for a festive wreath that’s the perfect seasonal focal point for your front door.

Pheasantly Surprised

Dried hydrangeas and pheasant feathers add fall flair to this charming mantel display. Start by purchasing a standard faux-pine wreath, and scatter the seasonal elements throughout. Place the bold arrangement around an existing piece of decor, such as this wooden deer head, to create a festive and fun focal point

Natural Tones

Try a festive one-color arrangement to create a wreath that will last for years to come. Purchase a basic grapevine wreath from your local home center, and attach dried artichokes, lotus pods, and pinecones to the bottom of the wreath. Nestle gold-tinted leaves between the twigs, or adhere them with a hot-glue gun.

Horseshoe-Shape Fall Wreath

A horseshoe shape is a welcome change from a traditional fall wreath. Start with a foam wreath form and cut away about 1/5 of the ring. Wrap with seam-binding ribbon to cover the foam. Using hot glue, attach fresh or preserved salal leaves (commonly called lemon leaves). Glue a cluster of nuts in the center, then add dried wheat, preserved fern fronds, and fresh or artificial berries.

Leaf-&-Berry Fall Wreath

Go for faux leaves and berries to create a long-lasting wreath, or opt for dried finds if you want a more natural look. Simply cover a foam wreath with Spanish moss. Stick in leaves as you build it, alternating the colors for variety (green pins help keep the leaves in place). Pepperberries add a pretty red blush to the center.

Leafy Monogram Wreath

Welcome guests this fall with a leafy monogram wreath. Paint a papier-mache letter. When dry, hot-glue dried or silk leaves to the front. Glue magnets to the back of the letter to hang on a metal door, or drill a small hole to hang it from a nail.

Red Grapevine Fall Wreath

Embrace autumnal colors by donning an apple-red wreath on your front door. Go easy on yourself and use a can of glossy red spray paint. Give the wreath several coats of paint to cover all its nooks and crannies.

Bittersweet Wreath

Create this colorful wreath with bittersweet vines and Chinese lantern stems. (Strip the leaves before assembling.) Twist the vines into a circle, then wrap the circle around a wire wreath form. Tuck in Chinese lanterns for a dramatic pop of color. Secure the stems and any loose pods with dots of hot glue.

Festive Fall Flowers

Late-blooming chrysanthemums are the perfect way to bring the beauty of fall into your home. This stunning autumn wreath boasts a collection of autumnal-hued golden, maroon, and burnt sienna mums. Because the flowers in this arrangement are real, make sure to saturate the foam wreath base with water before you pack the mums into it. To create a wreath with more staying power, search your local crafts store for silk flowers, or use dried blooms for a more natural look.

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