Wheat Centerpiece

This simple and dramatic arrangement uses wheat, one of the most enduring signs of the season. Check out our video of this project for helpful hints and tips.

Enjoy the bounty of the harvest season indoors by creating this beautiful wheat display. It's easy to make and the results are dramatic -- perfect for a buffet table or entryway.

This arrangement started with a rectangular, metal box. We cut the wheat to length and then arranged it into a rectangular shape to match the shape of the container. Finally, a green-and-gold striped ribbon adds a focal point to the front.

First, choose a container that's sturdy and is not glass -- like a tin box or antiqued urn. Fill the container about a third to half full of sand (available at local garden centers or hardware stores).

Determine the height of the display according to the container you're using. The wheat that shows above the rim should be about 1 1/2 times the height of the container. If you're using an 8-inch tall container, the top of the wheat should be about 12 inches above the rim. Add the height of the container from the rim down to the bottom of the sand before you cut. In our example, we had to add about 5 inches for the part of the wheat that won't show.

Cut all of the wheat to the same length by lining up the tops first, then measuring down from there. Cut a few test pieces to check the look and height. Once you find a good length, use a stalk as a measuring guide to cut the rest of the wheat and begin sticking bundles of stalks in the sand. Add bundles of wheat until the arrangement is the desired size.

To finish, cover the top of the sand with a few handfuls of Spanish moss from a floral or craft store, and then tie a beautiful ribbon around the center.


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