Twig Garland

This whispery soft twig garland turns your nest into a haven.

When you want to frame a view, try a barely there garland made from twigs. Use slender, delicate branches, such as spirea, a bush common in landscaping. (If it's not in your yard, you can order it through a florist.) Tie on some organdy ribbon and attach clip ornaments to dress up the woodsy image.

What You Need:

  • Fine branches such as spirea
  • Florist's wire
  • Pruning shears

General Garland Instructions:

1. Small clusters of material are wired together at the stems. Place the head of the second cluster over the stems of the first cluster and wire all the stems together.

2. Repeat, adding more clusters until the garland is complete. The head of each cluster should cover the stems of the previous cluster.


1. Clip the branches into sprigs. Select a full branch to begin.

2. Add additional branches as described in the general instructions.


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