7 Late Summer Decorating Ideas to Transition Your Decor to Fall

Use these simple seasonal decorating ideas to ease into the crisp temperatures and falling leaves.

As the summer heat fades and cooler weather rolls in, it's time to trade in lightweight fabrics and sunny colors and embrace the warm, cozy ambiance of fall. A neutral palette and simple accessories will help you keep the best of both seasons in your home. Use these late summer decorating ideas to transition your decor to fall by incorporating these subtly seasonal accents.

rustic white green living room fall decor
Jay Wilde

1. Add Soft Whites

One of the benefits of a neutral color palette is that it makes it easier to update your style from one season to the next. Decorating in white, cream, and ivory provides the perfect backdrop for adding fall accents. If you don't have a neutral color scheme or prefer a little more color, simply decorate seasonally with neutral colors. Use white and cream elements like throw blankets, pillows, rugs, and even pumpkins to balance a more colorful background.

Porch two leather chairs flowers
Tria Giovan

2. Layer Textured Decor

Bring the fall feeling into your home by layering textures. Keep the additions minimal; you can easily add and subtract elements to achieve the look you want. A plaid blanket on the foot of a bed or a faux sheepskin pelt draped over a leather chair can add the right amount of warmth and create a cozy fall feeling without going overboard.

Pumpkins and flowers on white plate
Kritsada Panichgul

3. Include Natural Elements

One of the best late summer decorating ideas is to feature natural elements. Decorate with pinecones, apples, leaves, branches, acorns, pumpkins, and gourds. Natural touches bring in just the right amount of fall and are also easy on your wallet.

To keep your decor neutral, use a white or tan color scheme to unify a space. Fill a large bowl with miniature white pumpkins, sprigs of bittersweet, and other gathered finds to create a beautiful centerpiece that whispers but doesn't shout fall in shades of orange.

Living room with couch, coffee table, and stored wood
Jay Wilde

4. Switch Out Fabrics

A quick way to transition furniture for each season is to switch out cotton fabrics for velvets, knits, and softer materials on pillowcases, draperies, throw blankets, and rugs. These fabrics will make you want to get cozy while exuding that warm, welcoming feeling we associate with fall. It's also a great time to change up your accent colors to keep your decorating scheme interesting.

Table with gourds and wreath
Blaine Moats

5. Incorporate a Fall Wreath

If you want to ease into fall gently and don't want to do much redecorating, a simple fall wreath with natural elements is a great way to move from summer to fall. Acorns, leaves, mini pumpkins, and wheat are all beautiful fall wreath ideas that can span from late summer to late fall.

Slab of wood with candles and succulents
Steven McDonald

6. Add Soft Light

Gather your candles and create an autumn mood as the nights get shorter. Put small candles in glass votives or Mason jars on a tray for a simple and effective fall centerpiece. Keep your late summer decorating ideas simple, use neutral colors, and add elements gradually for fall decorating that easily lasts through late fall.

Staircase with plaid runner
Amy Mazzenga

7. Work in Plaid Patterns

Plaid is a classic pattern that can work year-round, but it feels especially appropriate for fall. Layer in various plaid elements, such as pillows, throws, rugs, and accessories, to quickly add a cozy pattern to your space.

Plaid comes in several unique varieties, including buffalo check, tartan, windowpane, and madras. Feel free to mix and match different types for added interest. However, stick to a neutral color palette with an accent color or two mixed in to give the varied patterns a cohesive look.


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