Table Decorating Ideas with Gourds

A basic gourd inspires a wealth of easy ideas to dress up a fall table.

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    Colorful Collection

    Look for a variety of interesting shapes and colors of gourds. When you have collected a diverse assortment, fill a wooden tray with your unique finds and place it on an outdoor table for an easy fall display.

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    Multilayered Centerpiece

    Gourds take center stage in this simple yet striking fall table arrangement. To emphasize the bold hues of the gourds, position them atop dark-color books. If this display will greet Halloween guests, add rustic orange touches.

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    Dressed for Dinner

    To perk up a dining room table and freshen traditional decor, rest pastel gourds atop elevated candlestick holders. When entertaining, position them between tasty fall comfort foods for an enticing display.

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    Serving Up Style

    Turning basic gourds into a set of serving dishes is simple way to amuse your party guests. To make, simply cut the top off of each gourd with a sharp knife and hollow it out. Fill each gourd with bite-size appetizers like olives, nuts, or berries and place on a serving table.

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    Sweet & Simple

    Give a table natural charm with petite gourd place settings. Start by wrapping a winding twig around each gourd. Then attach a ribbon with each guest's name for a personal touch.

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    Naturally Gord-eous

    Gourds possess a natural beauty that can instantly make a space feel warm and welcoming. Capitalize on this beauty by adding a simple welcome message. Finish with a pretty ribbon to add a splash of color.

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    Natural Art

    Transform a simple gourd into your own clever creation with festive mosaic embellishments. You can find mosaic pieces at your local crafts store. Once your gourd is decorated, top it off by tying a matching bow around its stem and place it on a pretty platter. Position your work prominently on a hutch or side table for everyone to see.

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    Natural Table

    Fill a wicker basket with a bundle of gourds for a natural and easy outdoor cornucopia.

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    Glowing Gourds

    Illuminate a table by turning dried gourds into awe-inspiring luminarias.

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    Gourds by the Bucketful

    For a simple and organic fall look that is visually stimulating, position gourds in a large ceramic plant holder and arrange fall leaves in between. Set this pretty display on a stool, corner hutch, or side table.

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    Shades of Fall

    Mums make wonderful flowers for fall table arrangements. Create an eye-catching outdoor centerpiece by filling a hollowed-out pumpkin shell with brightly colored seasonal flowers. Add fruit such as pears for even more flair.

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    Bright Fall Mantel

    Create an alluring mantel display that will transition from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Arrange a variety of brightly colored gourds and fruits along a mantel. We propped ours atop copper pots and vases for an eclectic display. A wreath inspired by the harvest season ties the hearth's look together.

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    Gorgeous Gourd Blossoms

    Craft your own fabulous floral arrangement in just a few simple steps. Use a sharp knife to carve a hole in the top of a gourd and scoop out the interior. Arrange flowers in a water-filled container and position the container neatly inside the gourd to keep your flowers fresh.

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    Festive Fall Bounty

    Bring the bright, bold colors of fall to a Thanksgiving table by creating a centerpiece made from gourds, berries, and candles. For dramatic effect, we arranged ours to span an entire dining room table.

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    Beautiful Bowls

    Take your table arrangement to new heights. Fill wooden fruit bowls with gourds before stacking them on top of one another. Top off the display with a brilliant berry garland.

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    Natural Motif

    Gourds have a natural sophistication that pairs perfectly with understated decor. Orange and cream gourds are particularly well-suited for table arrangements that have a neutral palette.

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    Easy Fall Centerpiece

    Consider a simple yet elegant approach to your table this fall. Tuck nuts and fresh or preserved leaves into a wire bowl and nestle gourds in between. The effect is an organic centerpiece full of natural textures.

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    Natural Gourd Goodness

    Gourds look distinctive even in the simplest of settings. Position them in a shallow acorn-adorned bowl, then place the bowl on a kitchen table to enjoy throughout fall.

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    Outdoor Easy

    A basic gourd turned plant holder serves as a fantastic decoration for a deck or patio table. To make this unique base, cut a gourd in half, scrape out its center, and place the plant inside. This display would look equally pleasant on an indoor table.

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    Table Tricks

    Welcome fall guests with an elegant table vignette. Garnish plain serving dishes with striped gourds for an eye-catching effect. The monochromatic color scheme adds a dash of elegance to the table.

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