9 Creative Places to Hang a Fall Wreath Besides Your Front Door

Display this classic fall decoration indoors for a festive look you can enjoy all season long.

Along with the changing leaves, cool breeze, and all things pumpkin spice, decorating your home for fall is one of the many joys of the season. It typically involves plenty of pumpkins, gourds, and, of course, fall wreaths. This season, think beyond your front entry and find creative ways to display wreaths throughout your home. Instead of simply placing a gorgeous fall wreath on your front door where only the neighbors can see it, display it prominently inside so you can enjoy its fall colors and textures all season long. Here are nine of the best indoor places to display your wreaths.

fall wall decor white and orange wreath
Kritsada Panichgul

1. Above the Mantel

The fireplace mantel provides a perfect stage for all sorts of beautiful fall decorations. An array of miniature pumpkins or gourds and vases full of freshly clipped autumn leaves provide easy mantel decor for your fall living room. To finish off the display, hang a fall wreath above the mantel using a removable wall hook ($12, Bed Bath & Beyond). Mounting it directly in the center creates a striking focal point that instantly draws eyes.

greenery wreath window seat
Adam Albright

2. Against a Window

This fall wreath idea allows you to enjoy the decoration from both indoors and out. Hang wreaths against front-facing windows in your living area, dining room, or kitchen. Instead of mounting the wreath directly on the glass, loop a length of ribbon through the wreath for hanging to avoid damaging your windows. Using a ribbon also provides an opportunity to introduce a contrasting color or interesting texture to the fall wreath display.

fall floral wreath kitchen closet door
James Nathan Schroder

3. On a Closet Door

Fall wreaths aren't just for exterior doors. They look just as festive when hung against doors throughout your home. Try mounting wreaths on doors to closets, bedrooms, or pantries to provide a touch of autumnal spirit as you move through rooms. Look for fall wreaths that coordinate with the room's overall color scheme for a cohesive look.

neutral farmhouse bedroom with evergreen wreath on headboard
Kritsada Panichgul

4. Above Your Bed

Bring a touch of fall to your bedroom with a wreath. You can either mount it on the wall above your bed or attach it directly to the headboard. Then pair the wreath with plenty of plush throw blankets and fall-inspired pillows for a cozy, inviting effect. Be sure to choose a wreath that's free from elements like glitter or dried grass that could flake off and interfere with your sleep.

White cabinet with pumpkins, wreath
Werner Straube

5. As a Vignette

Use a wreath as your starting point for a seasonal vignette in your living room or dining area. Whether it hangs on a wall or sits on a shelf, a wreath among a collection of dishware, rustic tins, and pumpkins completes a simple yet stunning fall vignette. If it's a farmhouse look you're going for, try attaching the wreath to a framed chalkboard to make the fall colors pop.

shelves with blankets and wreath
Werner Straube

6. On a Cupboard

A cupboard or cabinet provides another great backdrop for a wreath. Warm fall colors beautifully complement natural wood or aged finishes. If your cabinets are dark, opt for a warm white wreath, such as one made of cotton bolls. When mounting a wreath against open shelves, make sure you're not blocking access to items you frequently reach for. Rearrange the shelves as needed before hanging.

Sumac Wreath
Wendell Webber

7. In a Frame

Displaying a fall wreath within a frame adds even more interest. Hang it anywhere or just prop it on a shelf or mantel for a simple fall decoration. Choose an ornately framed mirror to add eye-catching dimension behind the wreath, or opt for an empty antique picture frame for a vintage-style display.

tabletop fall wreath with moss leaves and candles
Kim Cornelison

8. As a Centerpiece

A wreath doesn't need to hang on a wall to be put on display. Whether round or square, a wreath makes an ideal fall centerpiece. Set it on a coffee table, entry table, or dining table for quick and easy decorating. Place faux candles, pumpkins, or a lantern in the middle of the wreath to create a simple, elegant centerpiece.

Back of wooden chair with autumnal wreath
Peter Krumhardt

9. On Dining Room Chairs

Make your dining room feel extra special for fall gatherings or everyday meals by adding a wreath to each chair. Choose wreaths that are smaller than the chair's width so they don't interfere with the traffic flow around the table. Note that this fall wreath idea works best on dining chairs with an open-back design. Wrap ribbon around the top of the chair and through the wreath, then tie to secure.

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