29 Modern Fall Wreath Ideas to Bring Autumn to Your Front Door

Geometric wreath with leaves
Photo: Edmund Barr

Elevate your front door with modern fall wreath ideas that add fresh seasonal style. Unexpected materials, shapes, and colors make these autumn wreaths anything but traditional. Try one of these creative DIY projects to set the trend in your neighborhood this fall.

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Magnolias and Greenery

natural woodsy wreath on door
Jacob Fox

This stunning fall wreath mixes real magnolia leaves with faux greenery for a texture-rich statement piece. To make it, layer bunches of magnolia leaves and artificial or dried florals over a grapevine twig wreath, attaching them with crafts wire. For a finishing touch, hot-glue a few fall embellishments, such as lotus pods and Chinese lantern pods, to fill any gaps in the greenery.

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Modern Triangle Branch

Directly above shot of triangle twig wreath with scissors on table
Carson Downing

An unexpected shape gives this fall wreath idea a modern twist. Gather three sticks of approximately the same length and bind them together using striped twine. Then, use a ribbon scrap to tie sprigs of greenery and seed pods onto one side for added color and texture.

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Fall Flowers

Wreath made of orange marigolds
Adam Albright

Display your favorite fall flowers in a fresh way with this DIY fall wreath idea. Snip a bunch of bright orange marigolds and secure them to a grapevine wreath using hot glue. Arrange the flowers asymmetrically for a modern spin, or cover the entire wreath form for a bold look.

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DIY Burlap Sunflower

DIY yellow sunflower burlap front door decor craft

Craft a blooming sunflower from burlap ribbon for a unique DIY fall wreath:

  1. To create the flower shape, fold and pinch cut pieces of green and yellow burlap into bowtie shapes and attach to a wire wreath form using pipe cleaners.
  2. For the center, braid three strips of brown burlap together, roll the braid into a circle and attach to the wreath using zip ties.
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DIY Autumn Sheaf

Rake decorated with branches and berries
Marty Baldwin

Let a past-its-prime rake serve as the foundation for an autumn sheaf:

  1. Remove the rake's pole and use the hollow handle as a nest for evergreen boughs and berry-laden branches.
  2. Contrast scarlet strands of American bittersweet with cool blue blooms of Eastern red cedar for a striking color combination.
  3. Wrap and tie jute twine around the handle for rustic flair.
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Fall Succulent Wreath

Wreath with succulents
Edmund Barr

Display an asymmetrical cluster of succulents on a pair of old wine-barrel hoops. Alternatively, pick up a few embroidery hoops from your local crafts store. Support the plants by wrapping the bottom of the hoops with sheet moss and chicken wire. For better visualization, hang the 2-foot-diameter wreath before you attach the plants. Next, use wire or hot glue to attach air plants and large succulents, then adhere smaller pieces with florists glue.

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Natural Fall Wreath Idea

Fall leaf made of branches and plants
Annie Schlechter

Liven up seasonal style with wild and unexpected botanicals. Wire-dried foraged materials asymmetrically onto a grapevine base for a modern look. Personalize your wreath with colorful dried foliage, such as globe thistle, blackbeard wheat, eucalyptus, and red broom corn.

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Leather DIY Wreath

Wreath made of branches and leaves
Jacob Fox

Peruse the aisles at secondhand stores to pick up leather wreath-making materials in autumn colors. Larger items, like purses and totes, offer stitched seams to mimic leaf veins and straps for making large flowers.

To create this design, you'll need to cut approximately 50 small leaf shapes from leather.

To make "berries," cut narrow strips, roll, and hot-glue ends. If available, narrow loops, fringes, and stitched edges work well for berries. Cut pieces from straps to make five loops for a large flower. Make approximately 20 small loops for the flower center. Cut a few larger leaves to accentuate the flower. Hot-glue all pieces to a grapevine wreath as shown.

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Dried Flowers

Combine the gorgeous textures of dried grasses and flowers into a colorful wreath that will last throughout the season. We paired dried pampas grass with preserved baby's breath, bunny tails, and pink strawflowers, but you can easily customize this project with your favorite varieties. Watch to learn how easy it is to create your own handmade floral wreath.

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Plaid Fall Pattern

Wreath made of branches and fall leaves
Jason Donnelly

Perpendicular swipes of colorful paint create a modern plaid effect on leaves with little effort. Choose autumn colors and accent with unexpected additions, such as blues or purples. Arrange and hot-glue the leaves, along with pinecones and pretty pieces of autumn potpourri, to a grapevine wreath for a glorious front-door welcome.

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Geometric Fall Florals

Geometric wreath with leaves
Edmund Barr

Let the geometric silhouette of a copper wreath base shine by attaching just a few sprigs of greenery to one side. Find sweetgum, nandina, privet, or similar foliage in the garden or store. Group three or four stems of each variety before attaching them to the base using copper florists wire. Layer in silver air plants and orange pincushion protea, secured with more florists wire, then attach kumquats with hot glue.

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Fall Front Door Enhancement

Front porch with pumpkins, wreath, and other fall décor
Anthony Masterson

Greet your guests with lanterns filled with pumpkins and bittersweet branches. Stretch the height of your fall front door display with bundled bushels of cornstalks cinched with twine. Cover the opening of a planter with scrapwood, then top it with a grapevine wreath filled with baby pumpkins. For the door, showcase a modern fall wreath accented with magnolia leaves and lotus seed pods.

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Flea Market Find

Circular metal wreath with plants
Jason Donnelly

Use a cultivator, once employed to turn soil, as a festive fall wreath base. We found this rusty wheel for just $8 at a flea market and secured dried hydrangea blossoms to it with floral wire. To dry hydrangeas, remove the leaves and put them in a vase of water. Then let the water naturally evaporate.

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White Farmhouse Fall

wreath with white dogwood berries on door
Jacob Fox

Set the tone for the season with a farmhouse-inspired white berry wreath. This handmade wreath easily transitions from Thanksgiving to Christmas but is pretty enough to be displayed year-round. Faux white berry sprigs pop against a simple grapevine form, but any color berry would look lovely. Finish your rustic fall wreath with a soft velvet ribbon.

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Metallic Felt Acorn Wreath

Circle of wire wreath with acorns and branch
Carson Downing

Create a gorgeous fall look with DIY felt acorns attached to a metal hoop. Glue real acorn tops to felt poms and attach them to a metal wreath form for a modern wreath idea. Add a long twig or small branch for a natural touch to the minimalist fall decor.

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Modern Boxwood Square

Square wreath with plants and berries
Adam Albright

This wreath pairs a crisp square base of finely textured boxwood with rose hips, juniper sprigs, and pepper berries. Bleached pine cones wired on as flower-like accents give it a modern energy. Hang the wreath with a simple ribbon to keep the focus on its unexpected shape and variety of textures.

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Colorful Fall Flowers

Fall wreath made of leaves, flowers, and pinecones
Kim Cornelison

Bring the best of the fall season to your doorstep with this modern fall wreath made from vibrant red, yellow, and orange chrysanthemums paired with pinecones and crisp leaves. Group items by color or texture and secure to a circular foam wreath form using wire and hot glue. For a longer-lasting fall wreath design, opt for dried or artificial flowers.

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Faux Feathers

Wreath made of branches and feathers
Jacob Fox

Greet guests with a feather-embellished grapevine wreath. Construct each feather by wrapping and tying yarn onto florist's wire. Then, dip the yarn-covered wire into liquid starch and let it dry into a stiff feather shape. Since you're making the feathers from scratch, get creative with colors and sizes for a one-of-a-kind look.

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DIY Dried Hydrangeas

hydrangea blooms wreath hanging on door
Jacob Fox

Use dried hydrangeas to create a gorgeous floral wreath that can be displayed all year. To make, trim the stems to 6-inches and weave each bunch of dried flowers through the twigs of a grapevine wreath form. Secure the stems to the wreath with florists wire. Once you've worked your way around, add smaller hydrangea flowers to fill any gaps.

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Modern Metallic Magnolias

Wreath above mantel made of silver and brown leaves
Joe Keller

Use metallic spray paints to quickly elevate a store-bought wreath with flashes of silver, gold, or copper. Paint individual magnolia leaves or partially paint areas of the wreath to allow some of the leaves' green and brown hues to show through. Finish the wreath by adding white-painted twigs to add a touch of rustic elegance to the magnolia leaves.

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Corn Husks

Outdoor wreath made of corn with husks
Helen Norman

Mimic a brilliant autumn sun using a seasonal staple: Indian corn. To make this fall wreath, purchase stalks of dried corn from your local home center or farmers market. Pull back the husks, leaving them attached at the ends. Hot-glue the ears of corn onto a straw wreath, and fold the husks outward.

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Golden Wheat

Wreath on light blue door made with grass
Greg Scheidemann

Add a little sparkle to a traditional fall wreath with metallic spray paint. Divide one bunch of dried wheat into three groups. Lightly paint each group a different finish (we used gold, copper, and brass). Tuck the stalks into a purchased wheat wreath and hang.

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Painted Fall Twigs

Wreath made of branches and pinecones
Joseph Keller

Broken twigs gathered from the yard adorn a grapevine form in this fall wreath idea. White spray paint unites the twigs and gives the wreath a snow-dusted outlook. Tiny pinecones, a jute-ribbon bow, and fresh greenery underscore the wreath's woodland motif.

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Natural Fall Centerpiece

Wooden outdoor table with fall leaves and fruit centerpiece
Jay Wilde

This striking fall centerpiece is sure to be the talk of the table during your next dinner party.

To re-create the look, begin with a simple straw wreath:

  1. Affix cornhusks to the back of the wreath by applying a small amount of hot glue to each husk's bottom just before pressing it in place.
  2. Position the husks side-by-side until the entire back is covered.
  3. Continue to fasten husks to the inside and front portions of the wreath until it is completely covered.
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DIY Gourd Wreath

Wreath made of pumpkins and gourds
Kate Sears

For a departure from traditional fall wreaths, create one with miniature gourds. Gather small gourds in various shapes and colors. Using a long, fine bit, drill through the back of each gourd. Wire the gourds to a round straw wreath form.

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Fall and Winter

Wooden shelf with wreath made of branches and cotton above
Joe Keller

Use a ready-made twig wreath as your canvas for fresh foliage and dried floral stems. Weave, wire, and glue cotton pods and berried holly sprigs to fill the wreath's surface with updated takes on traditional holiday hues. Like more glitz in the mix? Use a brush and metallic crafts paint to add sparkling highlights to the stems, leaves, and cotton pods.

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Front door wreath made of leaves and apples
Greg Scheidemann

A few natural elements can immediately take your decor from ordinary to inventive. This fall wreath idea mixes up a classic combination of red maple leaves and Chinese lantern pods with the addition of apples and kale. The pop of green looks especially stunning against its red surroundings.

Editor's Tip: For a wreath design that lasts all season, opt for faux fruit and leaves from your local crafts store.

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White Pumpkin Wreath Centerpiece

White centerpiece with pumpkins and candle
Peter Krumhardt

Orange and gold may be the traditional colors of fall, but the ghostly hues of white pumpkins and pale pistachios have their own appeal. Design an intriguing fall centerpiece by gluing miniature white pumpkins to a straw wreath. Glue pistachios in the open spaces. A white pillar candle set in the center completes the tone-on-tone look.

Editor's Tip: If you prefer orange pumpkins, create a similar monochromatic look with miniature orange pumpkins, bittersweet sprigs, and an orange pillar candle.

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Red Fall Foliage

Wreath made of green plants and red berries and flowers
Quentin Bacon

Dramatic and sophisticated, this lush red wreath makes a statement against a neutral backdrop. Incorporate a monochromatic mix of berries and leaves to soften the texture of the curly willow branches that form the base. The red hues easily transition from fall to the holiday season.

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