How to Make a Traditional Fall Wreath

It doesn't take much to dress up an inexpensive twig wreath. Utilize faux cotton, white flowers, and rustic grasses for a DIY display of autumnal flora.

A twig wreath is a great starting point for a traditional fall decoration. To let the twigs shine on their own, we created a concentrated point of interest instead of wrapping the entire wreath. This classic look is reminiscent of a cornucopia with wheat, flowers, and cotton. To see how we layered our wreath, check out the step-by-step instructions below. Feel free to add your own style by playing with different colors and accessories. 

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What You Need

  • Wire snips
  • Craft wire
  • Twig wreath
  • Pussy willow branches
  • Wheat 
  • Hot glue
  • Florists wire
  • Fall flowers
  • Cotton branches
  • Cattails

Step 1: Form Hook

Before you add all the elements to your fall wreath, you should add a hook to the back for easy hanging. Snip a piece of craft wire and bend it in half. Fold each end back up towards the top as shown.

Step 2: Attach Hook

Push the two ends of the hook down and through a small bundle of twigs on the wreath. Pull up and twist the ends onto themselves to secure. Hold the wreath by the hook to test strength. 

Step 3: Add Branches

To start, slide pussy willow branches into place on the wreath. They should lay flat with the twigs' ends all pointing the same direction (clockwise). Because the base of the wreath is also made of twigs, it should be easy to make this addition look organic. 

Step 4: Add Wheat

The next fall layer to add to your wreath is wheat. Cut real or fake ears of wheat into manageable pieces and fit them snugly between the branches on one side of the wreath. Make sure the tops of the wheat all face the same direction. Secure the wheat with hot glue or florists wire. 

Step 5: Add Flowers

Place one large flower directly on top of where the wheat grass starts. The flower will cover the glue or wire you used to secure the wheat. Then place two to three smaller flowers near the base and spread out among the wheat bundles.

To attach the flowers, cut the stems so they're only 2–3 inches long and add a dab of hot glue to the end of each. Quickly place the stems into the wreath and hold until glue sets. 

Step 6: Add Cotton

Cotton stems are long-lasting and perfect for fall decor. Finish your wreath by placing long stems of cotton within your design, extending out from the large flower. Two to three stems, or four to five cotton balls, should be enough to cover one wreath. 

Step 7: Add Cattails

Finally, cut the stems of four to five cattails and add them to your wreath. Let these climb up the side of your design, stemming from the center. Be sure to cut the stems short enough so that the cattails don't droop over. Leave the green leaves on the plants for a more natural look. 


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