Learn how to make a fall wreath with plenty of colorful (faux) flowers, leaves, and berries. This DIY project started with a $5 grapevine wreath before turning into a beautiful display of autumn foliage.

By Hannah Bruneman
fall flower wreath

Would you believe us if we told you this fall decoration started from a basic grapevine wreath form? Beautiful and lush fall door wreaths are easy to make with the right layering tips and tricks. Below, we show you all the ways you can customize a basic grapevine wreath with a large bundle of faux flowers. Follow our steps to make an exact replica of our flower wreath, or use our wreath as inspiration to make a floral masterpiece of your own.

What You Need

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Craft wire
  • Wire snips
  • Faux fall leaves
  • Hot glue or floral wire
  • Various fall flowers
  • Faux green leaves
  • Baby's breath
  • Faux fall berries

Step 1: Make a Hook

Bending metal hanger

Before you attach all the elements to your fall wreath, you should add a hook to the back for easy hanging. Snip a piece of craft wire and bend it in half. Then, fold each end back up toward the top as shown.

Step 2: Attach Hook

Attach metal hanger

Push the two ends of the hook down and through a small bundle of twigs. Pull up and twist the ends onto themselves to secure. Hold the wreath by the hook to test strength.

Step 3: Add Red Leaves

Applying hot glue to red leaf

To start layering your fall outdoor wreath, lay down a few red leaves. Attach each one by dabbing hot glue onto the widest part of the stem and quickly finding a place for it in the twig wreath. If the leaves pop out too much, you can use a dot of hot glue on the back of the leaf to secure it. Scatter the leaves throughout the twig wreath, leaving empty space rather than completely covering the surface.

Step 4: Add Flowers

Applying orange flower to wreath

Work in a circle to place large, colorful flowers on the wreath. Be sure the flowers extend to the sides of the wreath, not just the front surface. When you pick out flowers, faux or real, keep your color scheme in mind. We went for an autumn look with reds, pinks, yellows, and oranges. You'll also want to purchase a variety of flower sizes. 

Before you start placing the flowers on your fall wreath, cut the stems so they're only five to six inches long. This will make it easy to slide the stems into place. Adhere with hot glue or floral wire. 

Step 5: Add Green Leaves

Applying small green leaves to wreath

Fill in any gaps with thick green faux leaves. These are a great way to add greenery and texture to the sides of your autumn wreath. Cut the stems and adhere as you did with the flowers so they fit in easily with the rest of your design.

Step 6: Incorporate Small Details

Adding accents to wreath

By now, your fall front door wreath should be looking pretty full. It's time to top it off with the finishing touches. Small snips of baby's breath add interest to your already beautiful design. If the stems are too short to reach the wreath, hot glue them to strong flower petals or leaves.

Step 7: Add Berries

Adding orange berries to wreath

For a final touch of cheerful fall spirit, finish your floral wreath with twigs of berries throughout. These can be subtly placed deep within the flowers, or they can stick out above the blooms to tie the look together.

Comments (1)

August 28, 2018
As pretty as the berries are, I wouldn't use them for an outdoor wreath. The birds don't know they're fake and will try to eat them. Not good for them to ingest styrofoam.