A beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece can be yours with very little time or effort. Make the holiday season a little less stressful with our done-in-minutes centerpieces.

By Hannah Bruneman

The food is the main star of Thanksgiving, but to make your holiday table stand out, it's all about the details. Impress guests with a seasonal centerpiece that doesn't have to be a hassle to put together. You can make a stunning decoration in a matter of minutes with our ideas. Below, we listed a few of our favorite fast Thanksgiving centerpieces, all made with just a handful of materials and in under five minutes. 

Beautiful Bounty

Filing a container with autumnal accents like gourds, dried leaves, and pinecones is an easy way to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner table.

A miniature pumpkin alone doesn't leave much of an impression, but when grouped together, pumpkins can make a fun fall statement. To make this Thanksgiving centerpiece fit for a long table, begin with an empty window box or planter. Fill it to the brim with pumpkins, gourds, bittersweets, and more. This DIY project takes almost no tools or materials, but your guests will be in awe. Of course, real gourds look the most authentic, but if you want a centerpiece you can use again and again, take advantage of the faux mini pumpkins and fillers found in the discounted section at your local crafts supply store. 

Tiered Up

Thanksgiving is all about family and food, so why shouldn't your centerpiece be too? Stack a few galvanized trays or funky cake stands on top of one another with a larger tray on the bottom and a smaller tray on top. Lay a thin layer of eucalyptus leaves and filler branches on the surface of both levels. From there, carefully place oranges, plums, pomegranates, and any other seasonal fruit on top of the leaves. Top it off with bright yellow flowers in the gaps for a centerpiece that's both beautiful and delicious.

Blooming Pumpkin

You've heard of a blooming onion, but have you ever seen a blooming pumpkin? No, this one isn't cut up and deep-fried, but it sure does look pretty. To make this gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece, hollow out a pumpkin—real or fake. Make sure the hole on top is large enough to hold your bouquet. From there, fill the pumpkin with a variety of fall flowers and leaves, real or faux. 

Editor's Tip: Cut your flowers with various stem lengths. Larger stems should go in the middle and small stems should fill in along the sides to create a fuller look. 

Stand Tall

You can't go wrong with candles during the holiday season. Since you probably already have some on hand, use them in your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Place three pillar candles in tall glass vases. Wrap the containers in burlap and stuff with various seasonal foliage. A basic burlap runner and a few pumpkins placed around the candles complete the easy Thanksgiving centerpiece that can be easily cleared out of the way when it's time to dine.

Editor's Tip: Spills are almost unavoidable at big family dinners. To avoid any major missteps, opt for LED candles. They look like a real flame but aren't a fire hazard. 

Little Assembly Required

This unique centerpiece doesn't even require a trip to the crafts supply store—the grocery store will do! Stop by the produce section to pick up pomegranates, artichokes, and bright red flowers like these Gerbera daisies. Pile the food items up tall in a plain bowl, making sure the colors are evenly dispersed. Finally, trim the flower stems and fill in any gaps with bright blooms. This no-fuss project can be completed just before dinner and won't cause you any stress.

Fruitful Decor

With mashed potatoes, green beans, and turkey on the table, it's nice to see a few sweeter options to break up the savory spread. That was the inspiration behind our next Thanksgiving centerpiece, which puts seasonal fruits at the forefront. Find the prettiest bowl you can at the store or in your cabinet—we went with a modern marble bowl with a gold base. Fill it with a choice of fresh fall fruits in various colors and sizes. For more flair, fill any gaps with decorative kale.

Make Some Room

If you don't already have these items around your house and backyard, a quick trip to your local crafts supply store will get you all you need. Start by evenly placing votive candles on a long oval platter. Fill in around the candles with pinecones, faux dried berries, bittersweets, gourds, leaves, or any other festive item you can find. We love this simple centerpiece because it can easily be moved off the table if you need more room for plates and bowls as the food comes out of the oven.

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