21 Cozy Rooms That Bring the Splendor of Fall Indoors

Leather boots, leggings, pumpkin spice lattes, a kaleidoscope of vibrant leaves—all things that say "fall." These rooms follow suit. Learn how to welcome the season right through your front door with these harvest-themed tips and tricks.

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The Fall Factor: Reclaimed Wood

yellow and white room

Hints of exposed wood -- especially those with a prominent grain -- always feel at home in autumn. The warm tone of the wood itself, coupled with the raw texture, creates a rustic and inviting look no matter how it's displayed. Add in touches of seasonal color, like this quince yellow, and the space is quintessentially fall.

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The Fall Factor: Outdoor Decor

Welcome fall from the curb with these easy front door decor ideas.

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The Fall Factor: Gourd Decor

living room

If the idea of changing out your decor for the season is a little overwhelming, try this easy solution. Temporarily pack away your everyday accents, and place curling gourds and miniature pumpkins in their places. The classic fall shapes and silhouettes quickly add a hearty dose of harvest style to your home without much effort or fiscal investment.

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The Fall Factor: Woven Textures

Living room

Rattan window coverings above and woven jute rugs below suggest the feeling of fall thanks to their natural textures and warm colors. Continue the theme throughout the room with cream-colored upholstery, exposed wood, and cut tree branch arrangements.

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The Fall Factor: Grass Cloth


Like woven rattan shades and jute rugs, grass cloth adds a permanent fall feel to a space. The wallcovering is a charming and intimate alternative to traditional paint and smoother options in finished wallpaper. The bonus is that it fits right in with other natural materials come fall.

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The Fall Factor: Cozy Pillows & Throws


A no-fuss way to add fall inspiration to your home is with the addition of extra pillows and blankets. Toss them onto every seat, couch, bench, and bed in your home, and you'll be feeling the urge to settle into the new season in no time.

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The Fall Factor: Essential Hues

Textural Interest

If you want a surefire way to celebrate all things fall, try limiting the palette of your space to nothing but the go-to hues of the season. Colors like burgundy, tan, orange, oil-rubbed bronze, and yellow all feel instantly harvestlike when combined. Try balancing the bolder colors with equal parts of white and soft cream so that the scheme doesn't feel overdone.

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The Fall Factor: Natural Elements

living room

The natural landscape is the very first thing to signal a gradual transition into fall. Even before the pumpkin-spiced drinks come out, the leaves will begin to change. One perfect way to hail the change of season inside is with a collection of harvest botanicals or pressed leaves. Arrange various pieces in a grid to display in frames on a wall.

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The Fall Factor: Cut Branches

dining table

Happily, Mother Nature offers plenty of natural decorative items to situate throughout your seasonally decorated home. Simply fill a vase with leafy cut tree branches to bring the fall factor home.

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The Fall Factor: Country-fied

Chocolate Living room

Country style is naturally accompanied by the idea of cozy, casual living. And since the same can be said for fall in general as a season, the country look naturally feels a bit autumn-like. Enhance the mood by layering this style with ultra-plush throw pillows and blankets in neutral, warm colors.

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The Fall Factor: Faux Furs


Once fall settles in, it’s time to put away your light blankets and linens and to pull out your faux fur throws and pillows. This ultra-fluffy texture welcomes cozy lounging indoors as things start to cool down outside. Sometimes, this single switch is all you need to establish a harvest theme.

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The Fall Factor: Rich Colors

Gray living room red sofa

Rich and saturated shades of dark gray may not be an obvious choice when it comes to your typical fall color scheme, but there’s something about the bold hue that encourages a cozy atmosphere. Pair the steely gray with other, more traditional earth tones -- such as gold and red -- to establish the seasonal theme.

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The Fall Factor: Pops of Red

dining room

Red is a versatile color throughout this later part of the year since it suits seasonal decor in both fall and winter. Use it to accent the centerpiece of your dining table or on your sofa in the form of burgundy throw pillows, and you can leave it out for the rest of the year. As fall transitions into winter, simply switch out orange accents for blue, evergreen, or white ones.

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The Fall Factor: Jewel Tones

Red Bedroom

While warm earth tones have always taken center stage as we shift our homes into the new season, jewel tones have risen in popularity in recent years as an alternate harvest scheme. The interplay of deeper shades of green, red, purple, and even blue feels cozy, comfortable and oh-so fall.

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The Fall Factor: Fireplaces

family room

Now that temperatures have made their annual trek downward, it's time to start shifting the focus back inside when it comes to entertaining and family time. Consider rearranging your living room so that the fireplace yet again becomes the focus of the space to encourage indoor bonding and conversation around a crackling fire.

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The Fall Factor: Autumnal-Inspired Art


Swapping out artwork for seasonally inspired pieces is an easy way to give your space a harvest-inspired tone. Remove your brightly colored spring and summer themed art, and put in their place pieces that feature rustic, earth- or jewel-tone palettes. Yellow and red landscapes, subdued animal prints, and even antique portraits all suit the season.

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The Fall Factor: Orange

orange room

Whether you go dark and rich or bright and poppy, orange is one of those colors that always tends to bring harvest days to mind. In the summer, you can accent the hue with bright white to give it fresh style, but in the fall, you'll want to play up its inherent earthy feeling with coordinated shades of burgundy, dark blue, and cream, as seen here in the area rug.

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The Fall Factor: Lodge Chic

Cabin bedroom

Style inspired by a cabin in the woods connotes coziness -- fall's favorite feeling. Add to the effect at home by filling your spaces with antiqued or rough-hewn wood furniture, beams, and decorative accents. Old wooden crates, trunks, and even found wood hung on the wall add character and interest to any seasonally decorated space.

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The Fall Factor: Raw Metal


Raw textures tend to feel fall-like in nature because of their imperfect and relaxed look. Unfinished metals infuse a space with lived-in style that’s perfect for all of the holiday entertaining to come. Accent metal with soft upholstered seating and curved wood details to combat the starkness of the material.

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The Fall Factor: Woven Seating


Although once relegated to outdoor patios and porches, wicker seating is now a welcome addition to your indoor dining set. As cooler weather settles over your part of the country, bring those outdoor wicker chairs in for a touch of fall indoors.

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The Fall Factor: Layered Rugs

living room

Autumn is all about layering your favorite cold-weather wardrobe items, and the same can be said for your interior living spaces. Welcome the fall season by layering a small earth-tone rug on top of a larger plain one. The cowhide rug here is particularly well-suited for this look, and nicely complements an oversize braided jute rug.

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