8 Fall Party Projects

Prepare your pad for an autumn party with these easy, DIY projects. Another reason to party -- all these projects cost $20 or less.

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    Entertaining Naturally

    Autumn's bounty warms cozy gatherings with family and friends. Put your rooms in the mood for fun with hands-on projects to get your home party-ready.

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    Fresh Cornucopia

    A colorful clutch of heirloom corn is an ancient symbol of bounty. This year, give one a modern twist as a centerpiece. The long and narrow glass trivet fits the corn's dimensions for a cool closeup. To make your own, print the image in color and cut it out. Brush a thin coat of decoupage medium on the trivet and adhere the image, gently rubbing it to smooth wrinkles.

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    Make It Personal

    Custom-made place cards add a thoughtful touch to your fall shindig and a style boost to your tabletop. Here, simple imagery and fanciful lettering marry in a yin-yang way on this business-card-size tag. Choose your own fun font, or fill in names by hand using a calligraphy pen.

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    Charger Ahead

    A clear-glass plate makes a clever frame for a shot of a pretty pumpkin. Upload the image, size it, and cut to fit under the flat center of the plate. Adhere the image using decoupage medium. Use the plates as decorative chargers or as wall art.

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    Small Signs of Fall

    Dangling from string looped through the grommets of a no-sew tablecloth, these little gourds act as natural weights and add seasonal flair to a casual dinner party. To make the cloth, measure your tabletop and add enough yardage for a 6-inch drop plus a 1-inch hem. Hem with fusible tape and an iron. To make the corner flaps, notch a 5-inch square from each corner and hem using fusible tape. Add grommets with a kit from a crafts or fabrics store.

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    Coast into Party Mode

    Protect your tabletop and show your creativity with personalized coasters. Choose a favorite image and adhere it to the back of a clear coaster or, in this case, a pillar candleholder. To change the design, simply soak the coaster in water, peel off the paper backing, and start over.

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    Picture a Pumpkin

    To preserve the beauty of your favorite pumpkins, take digital photos from directly overhead. Upload the images to your computer. Enlarge and crop each image to fit a stool. Match paint color to the printed image, paint the stool, and let dry. Brush decoupage medium onto the seat and adhere the image. Let dry. Apply clear polyurethane to seal.

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    Whet Appetites

    Give guests a preview of coming attractions by posting your menu on a handmade wine label, then adhere your artwork using a thin layer of decoupage medium. Use image-editing software to creatively combine words and photos, or visit a free design-your-own greeting card website.

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    Corral & Cover

    To soften a cabinet's hard edges and conceal its contents, create a fabric cover-up. To do this yourself, first measure fabric to fit the cabinet front, allowing an extra inch around the perimeter to hem the edges with fusible tape. Attach tacks or grommets and hooks to the top corners. Simply pull back the fabric and attach with a pretty pin to keep it open.

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