When Jack Frost signals it's time for warmer layers, give your mantel a seasonal wardrobe change, too. Use some of our ideas to create your perfect fall mantel display with basic glass vases.


We created three drastically different fall mantel looks with smart accessories, textures, and colors. With the same basic glass containers as the centerpiece of each mantel and a few pieces of fabric, you can create a fall mantel display that fits your decorating style. Whether you love the traditional colors of fall, or prefer a cozy neutral palette, our ideas will help you create your own fabulous fall display. 

1. Cozy Knits

The comfort of a favorite sweater was our inspiration for a garland of yarn balls and cylinder vases wrapped in cable-knit. Cut a sleeve off an old sweater and stretch over a vase. Shop at secondhand or thrift stores for good deals on used sweaters if you don't want to cut any of your own. Fold the edge over the rim. Secure top and bottom with a little double-sided tape if needed. Add a pop of color by filling the containers with branches of fall foliage. 

Create a soft and simple yarn ball garland for a cozy fall mantel. Wrap foam balls of various sizes in neutral yarns, securing with pins as needed. Push a sharp pencil though the center of each wrapped ball to bore holes. String balls on a length of cotton clothesline rope, pushing rope through the holes with a wooden skewer; knot ends.

2. Nature's Gold

Fall magic sparks when rustic burlap and dried wheat stalks combine with gilded accents. Partially coat pumpkins and nuts with gold spray paint. To make the hanging branch embellishments, hot-glue twine to nuts and tie onto branches. When choosing pumpkins and gourds, look for some that are about a third of the height of your tallest cylinder for dynamic heights on the mantel.

Add a personal touch to the mantel by turning a cylinder vase into a frame with a favorite family photo slipped between the glass and a burlap liner. Wrap decorative twine around the top of the vase and tie on words of thanks written with gold paint pen on cardstock.

Use the natural texture of burlap to dress up the glass containers for this mantel design. This simple vase wrap works for any type of fabric. You'll need scissors, poster board, fabric, a hot-glue gun and sticks, and iron-on hook-and-loop tape. Cut poster board to the exact height and 2 inches longer than the circumference of the vase, then cut fabric to cover the board plus 2 inches. Fold fabric edges to back and hot-glue in place. Iron hook-and-loop tape onto ends to secure cylinder. You can either slip the fabric-covered board inside the vase or wrap it around the outside.

3. Classic Plaid

The warm colors of pumpkins and apples, fiery bittersweet, and fading hydrangeas complement a trio of plaid-wrapped vases. Add sprigs of golden leaves around the fruit to fill out the mantel display.

Jazz up an empty fireplace using elements that coordinate with the color or theme of the mantel, like a wicker basket filled with birch logs. Leave them bare, or wrap them with yarn in varying textures and colors. Add a few larger gourds around the basket.

Plaid signals the arrival of cool weather. Wrap fabric directly around glass cylinders, making sure lines are straight before securing with double-stick tape. For an even more tailored finish, use the fabric-wrapped board technique used for the burlap covers. Cinch vases with old belts. Cut away excess leather at back and hot-glue ends together.


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