Including an easy and affordable addition that can completely transform your space.

By Jennifer Aldrich
September 30, 2019

Now that fall has finally arrived, you're probably lounging in your favorite sweater, sipping a pumpkin spice latte, and thinking to yourself, "How can I make my home cozy for autumn?" Although a total renovation might not be in the cards, every space can use a little sprucing up for a new season. To help get your home ready for the cooler months ahead, we talked to a few designers about how they're refreshing their homes for the season and how you can decorate your own house for fall.

Werner Straube

1. Unexpected Seasonal Color

You might be tempted to emulate the falling leaves and opt for reds, yellows, and oranges, but don't be afraid to play around with unexpected shades. Claire Collins, senior vice president of design and education at Princeton Properties, says she's seen fall palettes with golds, peachy pinks, and cool greens that range from emerald to teal. "These colors work particularly well for fall and are a fresh alternative to the standard rust, brown, orange, and yellow," she says.

If you prefer classic fall colors, consider adding some unique shades to your palette to mix things up. For example, the pops of deep purple and black pop against a muted fall palette in the living room above. "I tend to follow the non-traditional fall colors because I am not usually an orange-yellow lover," says Amy Romero of Crazy Chic Design. "I've changed my mind this year and have brought beautiful golden yellows into my decor. I've paired that with jewel-toned blues for an unexpected twist."

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Amie Freling Brown

2. Go All Natural

An easy way to freshen up your abode for fall? Add some houseplants! Interior designer Amie Freling Brown of Meme Hill Studio likes to incorporate fresh greenery and other natural elements for the new season. "I still love succulents," Freling Brown admits. "I know a lot of people associate succulents with summer, but paired with weathered wood and with leaves—I love it." For a spooky Halloween twist, add a few black succulents that can be grown indoors.

Adam Albright

3. Updated Gourds

Pumpkins are one of the most-loved fall items to incorporate into your home. "I've been seeing a lot of pumpkins showing up in other people's homes right now," Romero says. "They seem to begin to set the tone for fall." But you're not bound to the season's basic bounty. Look for unique varieties in different shapes, sizes, and colors for a custom look. Collins recommends "small pumpkins in clusters on tabletops, in vessels, and on wreaths that are painted any color but orange." To make your pumpkins last longer, make sure to arrange them in a cool, dry spot and handle with care. Or create luxurious velvet pumpkins for DIY fall decor you can use year after year.

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Amie Freling Brown

4. Put a Pillow on It

For an easy fall update, shop for pillow covers, particularly in rich velvets and tweeds. Opt for an unexpected color palette for a fun twist. Freling Brown's living room features chartreuse and dark gray velvet cushions showcased on her sofa. She also notes that "delicious colors" including plums and purples are popular in fall decorations this year. 



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