31 Harvest Decorating Ideas Featuring the Bounty of the Season

patio doorway fall floral arrangement

When it comes to decorating for fall, you don't have to look very far for inspiration—just take a peek outside at all the glorious bounty. The seasonal harvest offers some of the most stunning colors and textures that will have your home ready for autumn.

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Pomegranate Wreath

Wreath of pinecones pomegranates
Matthew Mead

Add a pop of color to your front door with this bright and beautiful fall wreath. You can even leave this door decoration up well into winter thanks to the festive ruby-hued pomegranates and berries. An inexpensive twig wreath provides the base and dried moss helps fill in the gaps.

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Potted Plants

Three potted plants with flowers, cabbage
Bob Stefko

Galvanized planters add a rustic touch to your fall front porch. Fill each one with plenty of seasonal plants, like mums, kale, and pansies, then showcase on your front steps. We love this fall container garden's mix of colors and varieties.

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Fall Flower Bouquet

White ceramic vase with floral variety
Stephen Kent Johnson

Yes, fall is all about reds, yellows, and oranges, but that doesn't mean there isn't any room for a pop of pink. The rosy flowers in this fall bouquet pair well with branches of persimmons and a mix of fall foliage. Create a similar fall floral arrangement for a showstopping Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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Baskets of Blooms

fall flower baskets green pumpkins
Rett Peek

Decorating with a few big baskets of flowers is one of the simplest ways to make your fall front porch especially enviable. Head to your local greenhouse to see what seasonal options are available. Even big-box retailers and hardware stores often have a large selection. Place them within baskets and add a few rocks to prevent them from toppling over. The blooms will look even better once the leaves begin to change colors.

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Floral Fall Wreath

Front door with flower wreath
Rett Peek

Use fresh or faux flowers to create a bountiful addition to your door. Just take a wreath form (this one uses a grapevine wreath as its base) and attach your favorite seasonal stems with floral wire. The mix of different colors and textures makes this version especially pretty.

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Abundance of Apples

Various fruits on blue table
Constatine Poulos

We're all about this easy fall apple display. After you've made your annual trip to the orchard, arrange your fresh fruit—pears, persimmons, apples, figs—in the center of your dining room table or pile into a decorative bowl. And the best part about this super simple harvest decor? It doubles as a healthy snack!

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Marigold Centerpiece

Marigolds on wood table
Julie Soefer

Look to flea market finds to decorate with your harvest bounty. Vintage kitchen items like mixing bowls and pitchers make interesting containers for fall foliage and flowers. Plant marigolds with soil in an off-white vessel for a standout centerpiece.

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Front Door Decor

patio doorway fall floral arrangement

Add depth to your entryway with harvest decor in different heights. Planters filled with tall grasses flank this front door, while a variety of pumpkins fill in below. Mix textures and colors, like this autumnal display, or keep it simple with a monochromatic color scheme.

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Corn Husk Wreath

fall wreath corn husks
Carson Downing

Although the hues in this fall wreath are more muted, the unique material makes it eye-catching. Dyed corn husks in varying shades of cozy purple create an interesting ombre effect. One of the best things about this harvest decor is that it's not geared toward a specific holiday. You can definitely leave up this fall door decor through winter.

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Fall Elegance

Glass container filled with white pumpkins
Greg Scheidemann

Showcase miniature pumpkins in an elegant fashion with a bell jar or cloche. The pumpkins create the homey, fall look, but a sleek glass dome adds a touch of class and formality. Add colorful details around the dome, such as leaves, flowers, or other fall favorites, to complete the arrangement.

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Autumn Bouquet

Porch with textured pattern couch and vase with fall leaves
Greg Scheidemann

Rather than a bouquet of flowers, go for a bouquet of autumn leaves. Bright and ever-changing colors bring a burst of vibrancy to any room. Plus, this look couldn't be simpler. Snip some small branches off a tree in your yard, or for a longer-lasting look, purchase faux leaves at a local crafts store.

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Gourd and Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkins and gourds on table with candles inside
Greg Scheidemann

Jack-o'-lanterns add a spark to your autumn-inspired decor, but this time, the faces and fancy carvings aren't necessary. Simply cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin, scoop out the insides, and place a candle inside the cavity to create a warm fall light. Try different sizes of pumpkins and surround them with gourds and other pumpkins to complete the arrangement.

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Fall Plant Arrangement

Outdoor fall décor with plants and corn
Christopher Hirsheimer

Utilize a galvanized metal tub as a fall container for in-season plants. This arrangement comprises fountaingrass, Miscanthus sinensis 'Autumn Light', Cyclamen spp., croton, and wheat stalks.

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Seasonal Color Palette

Green and purple colors with artichokes and lotus pods
Adam Albright

Autumn is a season full of colors, but not just the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. Deep colors, like purple, green, or navy work as well. This palette of green and purple uses nature's treasures to accentuate the colors. Arrange artichokes, heads of lettuce, and lotus pods in similar colored vases, or use dry split peas as a vase filler.

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Enchancing Nature

Wreath on light blue door made with grass
Greg Scheidemann

Subtly add a little depth and shine to a traditional harvest wreath with metallic spray paint. Warm metallics such as gold, copper, and brass keep the fall look but add a bit of subtle glamour. Divide dried wheat into bunches, lightly mist them with the paint, and tuck them in layers into a wreath form.

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Pumpkin on a Pedestal

Outdoor pumpkin inside pedestal
Bob Stefko

Don't put your empty planters away just because it's fall. Turn a planter into a pedestal for a pumpkin to create a simple fall display outside. It's a great way to use leftover gourds that didn't get carved this year.

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Natural Colors

Outdoor white ceramic vases with fall leaves
Laurie Black

One of the best parts of fall: the colors nature puts on display. As the leaves change and their vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow emerge, use the natural colors as quick, easy decor. Choose white vases in various shapes and sizes and fill them with different colors of leaves. The colors will pop against the white, and different shapes and sizes will add variety.

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Fall Pumpkins

Pumpkins stacked on table with glass, leaves, and branches
Greg Scheidemann

Celebrate autumn's beauty with an artfully arranged collection of natural elements. For a unified yet unique display, start with a group of pumpkins that are the same shape but have varied sizes and colors. Arrange with leaves and grapevines. Include a glass cloche or vase to add elegance to the rustic tablescape.

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Harvest Corn

Cupboards filled with fall décor and corn on outside door
Helen Norman

Yes, even your cabinets can use some pizzazz this season. Tie a grouping of Indian corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door you don't use often, such as a China hutch or other display cabinet. Showcase jars filled with dried corn and seeds behind glass-front cabinet doors.

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Pumpkins on Display

Shelving with decorated pumpkins and décor
Matthew Benson

Add petite pumpkins to an existing display to dress it up for fall. Plain pumpkins work well, but if you want to add some extra flair, paint designs on the pumpkins in colors that match your decor.

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Branching Out

Branches in leaf shape with leaves
Matthew Mead

Gather fallen twigs to assemble this festive harvest decoration. Arrange them in the outline of a leaf and hot-glue in place. Use smaller twigs, leaves, and acorns as an accent. Display on a mantel or attach a loop of wire to the top and hang as a fall wreath.

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Pumpkins and Pinecones

Table decorations with pumpkin, pinecones, and turkey
Greg Scheidemann

Transition pumpkins into late fall by adding pinecones to your displays. For a late-fall centerpiece, place a large pumpkin in a shallow basket and surround the base with pinecones. It's a simple addition yet festive addition to your table.

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Combo Arrangement

Fall décor with pumpkins, gourds, pears, pinecones, and leaves
Edmund Barr

Creating a fall arrangement is as simple as getting the right materials and tossing them together. The combination of fruits, pinecones, leaves, gourds, and more provides a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that instantly makes the arrangement look complete. Be sure to get an array of materials in a variety of textures to mix and match for the best arrangement.

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Leaf Specimens

Glass container with fall leaves and pumpkin
Helen Norman

Enlist your kids to collect fallen fall leaves to make this quick harvest fall centerpiece. You can then focus on the beauty of individual leaves by displaying them in glass beakers or miniature vases. Add a small gourd or mini pumpkin to the display for added interest, and replace leaves as needed.

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Autumn Vase

Doorknob with fall plants and two skeleton keys
Kritsada Panichgul

An old doorknob finds new life as a fall vase. Sea oats (Chasmanthium) are arranged to fit inside a handsome doorknob. Fill the doorknob with sand to add weight and stability to the arrangement.

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Modern Cornucopia

Mesh cornucopia filled with fruit
Adam Albright

Expand beyond the traditional cornucopia with a more modern, colorful look. Use tulle netting as the cornucopia. Fold a square of the material to create a cone and secure with adhesive. Fill the cornucopia with produce like apples, pears, berries, nuts, and more. Complete the harvest decoration by adding a thick ribbon around the arrangement and curling the ends.

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Fall Mantel Decor

Living room with fireplace and fall plants on mantel
Kim Cornelison

If you prefer neutrals, you can still keep your space muted yet festive for fall. All you need to spice up your living room is a spot of fall color. Arrange tall branches with bright leaves inside a vase and place on your mantel or shelf.

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Garden Garland

Close up of window fall decorations with leaves and pumpkins
Peter Krumhardt

Knot mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves onto a length of twine to create a harvest-themed window swag. We recommend hanging this garland indoors so it won't get ruined by the elements. Plus, you can admire its beauty all day long.

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Fall Chandelier

Dining room with wood furniture and pumpkin and pear decor
James Carriere

Make over your light fixtures without any electrical work. Attach ribbons to papier-mache gourds with hot-glue and suspend from a chandelier. Finish the look with a garland of leaves woven around the chandelier arms. Keep flammable elements from coming into contact with the lightbulbs.

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Corn Garland

Corn and husks hanging from rope
Blaine Moats

This garland of Indian corn can be used indoors or out. Cut rope 2 feet longer than the area in which you intend to hang the garland. Then twist screw-eye hooks (with openings about the same size as the rope diameter) into the tops of mini ears of corn, one per ear. Bend corn husks into loops and hot-glue the pointed ends together. Thread the husks and ears onto the rope and hang.

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Showcase Fall Memories

Branches with berries and photos
Helen Norman

Have a collection of pictures collecting dust? Display family photos in a frame made by nature. Tie branches with twine and add evergreen tassels, then insert photos in the branches, clipping them on, if needed, to hold in place.

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