19 Gorgeous Fall Centerpiece Ideas that Are Easy to Re-Create

overhead shot of pumpkins tablescape
Photo: Kim Cornelison

Give your table a festive look with these pretty fall centerpiece ideas. For gatherings large or small, these fall table decor ideas show you how to combine natural and faux elements for a bright, seasonal tablescape that lasts through November.

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Bittersweet Fall Centerpiece Idea

fall tablescape with berry-wrapped pumpkins
Michael Partenio

The fiery red and gold colors of bittersweet are perfect for fall table decor. To create a simple autumn tablescape, line the middle of the table with white pumpkins in various sizes. Wrap faux bittersweet vines around each one and secure with U-pins. Place berry clusters into glass vases and top with a pillar candle to add a festive glow between the pumpkins.

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Floral Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece

fall table centerpiece floral arrangement white pumpkin
Marty Baldwin

For a unique fall centerpiece idea, swap your traditional vase for a more seasonal vessel. Hollow out a white pumpkin (either real or faux) and arrange a bouquet of colorful flowers inside. Add floral tubes to stems or line the pumpkin with a plastic bag before filling with water to preserve blooms during dinner. Combine orange ranunculus and white hydrangeas with sprigs of foliage to create a beautiful fall floral arrangement.

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Natural Fall Decorations

Fall table setting with leaves and branches
Adam Albright

Look to the outdoors for budget-friendly fall table decor. Gather elements like tree branches, pinecones, acorns, and leaves to adorn your Thanksgiving table. Intersperse these natural finds between place settings, adding in candlesticks and other decorative items to create a casual, layered arrangement.

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Candle and Gourd Fall Centerpiece

Rose Candleholders Fall Centerpiece
Blaine Moats

Assemble a few items from around the house to create a simple fall centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Start with a large wood cutting board as a base, and place a wide platter holding a few pillar candles on top. Surround the candles with gourds in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. For a layered look, fold a linen napkin under the platter and tuck some natural grasses around the edge.

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Blue and Orange Fall Table Decor

overhead shot of pumpkins tablescape
Kim Cornelison

Use contrasting colors to make your fall table decor really pop. Vibrant shades of turquoise, for example, help set off the muted orange of heirloom pumpkins. Line your table with a bright blue table runner and arrange a trail of colorful fall leaves down the fabric. Place a large pumpkin in the center for the focal point, then add depth to the display by layering in apples, pears, and votive candles.

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Fall Leaves Centerpiece

Multicolor Fall Leaves Centerpiece
Greg Scheidemann

Celebrate the season with a fall centerpiece that showcases the changing colors of autumn leaves. Clip branches of leaves in an array of colors and place them into large square vases. Arrange the clippings by color so the display blends from green to yellow to orange. To enable conversation, cut the branches down so your fall centerpiece doesn't block the view across the table.

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Colorful Fall Centerpiece

Cabbage-Filled Centerpiece
Adam Albright

Pumpkins are the quintessential autumn vegetable, but other produce can work equally well for fall table decor. Purple cabbage and artichokes, for example, make beautiful additions to autumn floral arrangements. This fall centerpiece idea trades traditional orange and red hues for vibrant purple, pink, and green tones to fashion a bold, unexpected look.

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Gathered Fall Table Decor

pumpkins and fallen twigs in wire basket on table
Reed Davis

Pumpkins and gourds deserve a prominent spot in your autumn front porch display, but save a few for your fall table decor, too. Line a few pumpkin-patch finds along the table, stacking a few pumpkins, ranging from medium-sized to miniature, on top of each other to add height to the arrangement. Gather branches and stems displaying classic fall colors and arrange them in a wire basket for a rustic touch.

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Tabletop Greenery Garland

tabletop garland
Adam Albright

Wow your guests with this stunning greenery garland. Create bundles of eucalyptus and other greens, and attach the bundles to each other with floral wire to create a long garland. Stagger lit votive candles down the length of the table to finish off this quick and easy fall centerpiece.

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Flower Power Pumpkin Arrangement

pumpkins with flowers
Marty Baldwin

All you need is a hot glue gun for this no-carve pumpkin centerpiece idea. Create the arrangement with a fake pumpkin and dried flowers so you can reuse it year after year. Choose classic fall tones like orange and red, or go for a bolder color statement with bright pinks and yellows.

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Gold Fall Centerpiece

Copper Fall Centerpiece Box
Matthew Clark

A simple wood box yields a cornucopia of ideas for your fall table and beyond. Go glitzy with leaves and pumpkins spray-painted in gold and coppery tones. You can just as easily opt for a more traditional fall color scheme, or incorporate greenery with indoor herbs and moss. When the season is over, use the box for storage or as decor for a different holiday.

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Globe Fall Centerpiece

globe fall centerpiece
Greg Scheidemann

This arrangement is as attractive as it is easy. Turn an old globe into a distinctive fall centerpiece for a unique spin on seasonal decor. Separate the globe's hemispheres and fill each one with a variety of natural textures, including colorful leaves, seedpods, small pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, and bittersweet.

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Modern Farmhouse Fall Centerpiece

white pumpkins flowers succulents antler fall decor
Steven McDonald

This fall centerpiece offers a blend of modern and rustic styles in neutral hues. Stagger white pumpkins at different heights on a trio of log slices. Carve out one of the pumpkins to use as a vase for fluffy hydrangea and dahlia blooms. Arrange faux succulents around the base of the second pumpkin and on the lower wood slice. Finish the look with antlers and light a few candles to illuminate your display.

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Cornucopia Fall Decoration

gold painted pumpkin
Michael Partenio

This humble cornucopia takes a glamorous turn with a single mini pumpkin dressed in shining gold. To recreate this fall table decor idea, arrange pears, apples, and gourds in a cornucopia. Brush metallic glitter or gold leaf onto the tops and stems of white mini pumpkins that are clean, dry, and at room temperature.

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Natural Fall Centerpiece Idea

seedpod tabletop arrangement
Kritsada Panichgul

This fall centerpiece made of ferns and moss on a hollowed-out log or bark "boat" will transport table guests to a tranquil forest. This project can be easily created with natural (and totally free) materials collected from your own backyard. Accent the arrangement with dried seed pods, such as those from lotus and mahogany.

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Dark and Dramatic Fall Centerpiece

dark fall table settings with tissue-paper pumpkins
Greg Scheidemann

Rather than hanging honeycomb tissue-paper balls from the ceiling, turn them into tabletop pumpkins. Set a spooky mood with deep tones like olive green, copper, gray, and rust orange. Cut out leaf, stem, and vine shapes from cardstock and tape them to the top of the paper balls. Sprinkle some of the leaves among the place settings.

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Living Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

white pumpkin succulent planter
Matthew Clark

Use a faux pumpkin and plant real succulents in it for a fall centerpiece that'll last for more than just one party. Floral foam and sphagnum moss placed inside the pumpkin is the secret to keeping the plants alive. After autumn has passed, you can gently transfer the succulents to a regular planter or give away the plants as take-home gifts at a final fall fête.

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Dried Corn and Wheat Centerpiece

decorative corn and wheat centerpiece and place setting
Michael Partenio

Dried ears of corn and shocks of wheat make for a rustic fall centerpiece. Here, dried wheat shocks are inserted into the sides of a cylindrical piece of florist's foam and topped with colorful dried ears of corn. The arrangement is placed on a footed compote for elegant elevation.

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Patterned Pumpkin Table Decor

fabric pumpkins old books candles tray decor
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

This fall centerpiece idea adds country style to your table. Perfect for a themed party or farmhouse fall decor, all you need to make this fall centerpiece is a pair of black candlesticks, a metal tray, and a stack of old books. If you don't have any sufficiently weathered volumes, check thrift shops or antique stores. For the pumpkins, wrap paisley-printed bandanas around fake gourds and secure with rubber bands or string.

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