38 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas to Effortlessly Upgrade Your Home

A few seasonal details can give your house a stylish autumn update.

Front porch with pumpkins and fall decor
Photo: Werner Straube

As cooler temperatures arrive, combine a dash of ambition, some autumn colors, and a few pumpkins to give your house a quick fall makeover. Plus, decorating for fall doesn't have to be difficult. It could be as simple as a new doormat or a showstopping wreath. Or flaunt nature's bounty like gourds and pumpkins on your front steps or on a dinner table. Looking for an all-over fall theme? Try one of our fall living room looks, or incorporate earth tones throughout your home's decor. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to transform your space with these fall decorating ideas that feature the most beautiful colors and bounty of the season.

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Fall Mantel Ideas

assorted pumpkin ghord stacks fireplace

Better Homes & Gardens / Panichgul Studios, Inc

It might be too soon to build a fire this season, but you can still make your fireplace the focal point of your living room with some strategically placed pumpkins. Stack pumpkins in an empty fireplace for a fall living room makeover. Decorate the mantel above with a harvest display of dried grass, ornamental kale, and seasonal produce.

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Natural Centerpiece

squash vases with flowers

Better Homes & Gardens / Kritsada Panichgul

Create the ultimate fall centerpiece with garden-grown elements. Squash is the perfect vehicle for fall florals thanks to their oblong shape. Hollow out a gourd with a hollow base and place it on a rustic cakestand for a kitchen or dining room centerpiece. Fill with zinnias, dahlias, mums, daisies, or other flowers with vibrant fall color.

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Fall Reading Nook

entryway with fall decorations

Better Homes & Gardens / Werner Straube

Fall should be all things comforting and cozy. Create the perfect reading nook with warm colors, rustic elements, fluffy pillows, and a few gourds for good measure. Use a wire basket to show off your fall bounty.

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Cute Carved Pumpkins

detail monstera leaf carved lit pumpkin wall

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Fall decorating isn't complete without the addition of a carved pumpkin. These harvest additions are eye-catching by day and charming by night. Get creative and add something unique to your pumpkin like a carving of a monstera leaf or succulents. If you're more traditional, choose to add a simple smiling face to your pumpkin.

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Go Shopping (At Home)

Front porch with pumpkins and fall décor
Werner Straube

Use what you already own to create easy fall decorations. Small wood chairs and stools on this front porch become display opportunities for a mix of gourds. Branches of a Chinese lantern plant create a showstopping fall wreath when gathered in a basket and mounted to the front door.

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Pumpkin Vase

white hollowed-out pumpkin with flowers
Kim Cornelison

Carve out your pumpkins, but don't turn them into a spooky face. Fill them with flowers and let them act as lovely vases. Fall foliage looks lovely next to mint green leaves in a delicate white pumpkin.

Editor's Tip: To make this arrangement last longer, place flowers in a vase of water that fits snugly within the gourd.

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Natural Fall Wreath

Wooden shelving with pillows, wreath
Werner Straube

Fall wreaths aren't just for the front door. Add hanging decor throughout your home, whether it's above a mantel, along a staircase, or even on open shelves. We love how this bountiful version matches the colors in nearby plaid throws.

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Framed Pumpkin Artwork

fall wall decor framed string on mantel

Better Homes & Gardens / Carson Downing

Channel your inner minimalist this fall with framed pumpkin artwork. This is an easy way to incorporate some color or shimmer into your home without relying on the classic hues of the season. String together mini pumpkins, pom-poms, and confetti into a garland. Attach it to a frame with hot glue or nails.

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Mason Jar Mania

Wooden table and white shelves with decorations
Panichgul Studios, Inc

Mason jars aren't just for canning—they make for cute fall home decor, too. Simply wrap some twine around the neck of each jar, stick in a few branches of bittersweet, and voilà! Place the simple yet stunning arrangements in a grouping on your mantel or dining table for an easy fall centerpiece.

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Simple Fall Sign

fall wall decor hello fall sign

Better Homes & Gardens / Jason Donnelly

For understated fall decor, swap out your usual artwork for autumn-theme paintings or photography. Or create custom artwork by printing phrases like "hello fall" or "happy fall y'all." When the season is over, simply exchange the fall artwork for holiday designs.

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Unexpected Door Decor

Rake decoration on rustic door
Marty Baldwin

Repurpose an old rake to make this easy fall door decoration. You can use faux or real branches to adorn the rake, depending on what items you have on hand and what you prefer. A timeless mix of evergreen and bittersweet branches works well through winter. Finish by tying a piece of twine around the bottom and hanging on your door.

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Warm Welcome

Sign that says "Happy Fall"
Panichgul Studios, Inc

The best thing about this chalkboard is its versatility. You can leave up the same message all season long, or change it up whenever you'd like. It can even be left up for the winter—just swap out the bittersweet branches for holly berries or faux branches of evergreen.

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Festive Doormat

diy doormat with boo stenciled letters

Better Homes & Gardens / Carson Downing

First impressions are important. Make your front steps extra "boo-tiful" this season for a warm welcome. Greet friends, family, and neighbors with this cheeky doormat featuring a custom pumpkin design made from a paper template and basic crafts paint.

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Outdoor Accents

Column decorated for fall
Jason Donnelly

The front porch is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so make sure it's decorated for fall. Head to your local crafts store and pick up a seasonal garland, such as a natural grapevine, to wrap around your columns. Just make sure your selection is hardy enough to withstand the elements so it lasts all autumn long.

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Fall Door Greeter

Marigold wreath with pumpkins
Kim Cornelison

This DIY marigold wreath can be done in minutes. Gather or purchase a vine, loop it to create a circular shape, then secure it with floral wire. Or purchase a preformed grapevine wreath at a crafts store. Slide marigold stems into the wreath, securing with wire until you reach the desired look. If using real flowers, make sure to assemble them the day of your fall get-together.

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Floral Arrangement

yellow flowers white pumpkin wooden nightstand

A vase of fresh flowers is one of our favorite ways to spruce up a space. Instead of using a typical glass vessel, head to your local antique store or flea market and pick up a vintage kettle. It will make any fall floral arrangement stand out.

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Bright and Bold

fall tablescape with berry-wrapped pumpkins
Michael Partenio

This fall table setting looks impressive but can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Pick up strings of bittersweet berries from your local crafts store, loosely wrap them haphazardly around white pumpkins, and you're done! For easy place cards, write the names of guests on clear ornaments and fill with extra berries.

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Mini Fall Garden

moss ginkgo leaves and pumpkin in bell jar
Andy Lyons

This easy DIY miniature garden will look lovely as any table's fall centerpiece. Both real and faux flora work well for this project. Place a few layers of moss across the bottom of your dish, and use it to balance a branch with bright leaves upright. Place small gourds or pumpkins on the moss and top with a bell jar.

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Harvest Centerpiece

fall floral pumpkin table arrangement
Greg Scheidemann

Don't fret over your fall centerpiece. A basic box or basket and seasonal produce are all you need for a standout decoration. Pile pears, pumpkins, artichokes, and ornamental kale or cabbage into a vessel and you're ready for entertaining!

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Stay Neutral

fall floral wreath kitchen closet door
James Nathan Schroder

Not all fall decor has to be red, yellow, and orange. This elegant wreath is a perfect example of how a little can go a long way. When buying—or DIYing—your own fall decor, use the hues in your home for inspiration, then mix them with natural seasonal materials.

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Cozy Quarters

Bed with dolls quilt slanted ceiling
Paul Dyer

Add a seasonal spin to your child's bedroom or guest room with a few simple additions. A thick quilt and plush pillows not only look nice, but they'll also keep you warm as the temperatures begin to drop. A neutral color palette keeps the area serene and makes the room an ideal place to relax.

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Fall Feature

buffet with natural fall elements in vases
Adam Albright

Go for a walk, and gather all the natural fall elements you can. When you get home, line your entry table with vases, glasses, and jars. Fill the containers with your gathered treasures and arrange them in an eye-catching display.

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Glittering Front Door Leaves

Glittering Leaf Craft for Your Front Door

Better Homes & Gardens

Pin this glittery display to your front door to grab attention and make a great first impression! Use fabric leaves and outdoor-friendly decoupage medium for long-lasting sparkle and shine.

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Fall Yarn Garland

autumnal yarn pom garland on wall
Jay Wilde

You won't believe how simple it is to make this colorful fall garland. Simply loop a length of yarn back and forth, wrapping around the middle of the loop and part of the garland rope. Knot tightly. Cut the loops to create loose ends. Repeat with different sizes and colors.

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Stoic Fall Feature

nook displayed with leaves berries and gourds
Kim Cornelison

This autumnal presentation can be made with pieces picked up at the crafts store. Choose supplies appropriate for the space you need to fill. Your goal should be a semi-symmetrical display. Try to incorporate items of similar shape, like these round pumpkins and gourds, vases, and bowls.

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Center of Attention

pumpkins and fallen twigs in wire basket on table
Reed Davis

To create a simple and sweet fall centerpiece, look no farther than your own backyard. To get this look, gather fallen twigs—or snip a few off of a tree—and place them in an oversize wire basket. Amp up the arrangement by incorporating a few store-bought branches decked out in faux fall berries. A large basket of apples and a random variety of gourds add texture and rich autumnal colors.

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Fall Table Wreath

tabletop fall wreath with moss leaves and candles
Kim Cornelison

Forget evergreens! Halo a candle collection with a beautiful fall wreath made of moss and other natural elements. Use a foam wreath base and hot glue the moss to all sides. Decorate as desired, and center it on the table around candles. Light and enjoy!

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Seasonal Shelf Display

bright berries in old jars for fall display
Michael Partenio

Fill old jars with fall berries to bring the colors of fall to any shelf in your home. Comb your lawn for fallen branches or snip a collection of twigs off of a nearby tree and place a couple in each jar, scattering a few berry sprays along the surface of the mantel. Tiny white gourds add another dimension of seasonal textures.

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Personal Pumpkins

thanksgiving pumpkin placeholder

Add a thoughtful touch to a fall gathering with custom-made place cards. Use a mini chalkboard and a chalk pen to create small labels. Then add the cards to gourds with seasonal stems, and place them around the table.

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Filled to the Brim

monochromatic pumpkins in tall vase
David A. Land

Even the simplest of objects, when displayed on a larger scale, can have a stunning effect. Here, a tall cylindrical vase is filled to the top with basic white pumpkins and perched atop a dining room buffet for an eye-catching fall display.

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Contrasting Candle

contrasting candle with fall leaves and beads
Peter Krumhardt

Make a bold statement with contrast. The blue and orange hues in this fall centerpiece bounce off each other; the yellow stones in the bottom soften the scheme. Adhere leaves to the outside of a vase filled with your choice of stones and candles. Surround with miniature pumpkins to complete the look.

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Merry Marigolds

marigold blooms placed on burlap runner
Marty Baldwin

For your next fall outdoor gathering, let your patio table greet guests in fashion. This simple burlap runner offers rustic style, while fresh or faux marigolds provide color and quirk. Trim flowers at the head and arrange darkest to lightest for an ombre effect.

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Natural Beauty

autumnal arrangement with leaves in vase
Marty Baldwin

Creating a bold centerpiece can be done on a dime. In fact, you can re-create this autumnal arrangement by just stepping outside. Simply comb your backyard for fallen leafy twigs and place the collection in a wide vase filled with water. Natural imperfections in the leaves, such as tiny holes or rumpled edges, add texture and create an authentic natural look.

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Apple Accent

table corner decor with apples and twine
Helen Norman

Fresh apples are a stylish and seasonal way to anchor tablecloths and napkins. Simply use an awl to pierce a channel through two apples, and thread twine through the bottom of one and the top of the other. Leave enough twine to hang over the edge of the table 6 to 8 inches. Tie a twig at each end to keep the apples from sliding off.

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Fall Tablescape

seasonal tablescape with late-blooming flowers
Michael Partenio

Embrace the bounty of beautiful fall colors with a seasonal tablescape. The star of this table is a stunning arrangement of late-blooming flowers mixed with bold red-orange leaves. Small gourds and pumpkins are also randomly placed around the table, creating a laid-back sense perfect for fall entertaining.

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Natural Elements

freshly fallen leaves in small lab beakers
Helen Norman

Display freshly fallen leaves. Position single leaves, either pressed or fresh, in small glass vases, and place them on various surfaces around the house. (We used old lab beakers—look for them at antique stores.) The best thing about this sweet and simple display is that when the leaves start to crumble and brown, you can easily replace them.

Editor's Tip: To press leaves, place them between layers of newspaper and under a heavy stack of books. Let the leaves dry for a couple of days. Then, to enhance their color, iron the leaves between pieces of waxed paper, using a pressing cloth to keep the wax off the iron. Pressed leaves also can be purchased at local crafts stores.

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Festive Furniture

maple leaf pillow and orange throw on chair
Helen Norman

Dress up your furniture with cozy items in seasonal colors. Here, a wicker chair is draped with a warm orange throw, and a maple leaf pillow sits comfortably on top. Perk up a plain pillow by enlarging a leaf, using a copier to make a pattern. Cut the pattern out of wool felt and attach it to the pillow cover using iron-on fusible backing. Blanket-stitch around the edges.

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Fall Corn Garland

fall corn and husk garland on twine
Blaine Moats

Set a festive tone with a string of Indian corn garland. This symbol of bounty adds color to any setting and is easy to create with twine. Insert eye hooks into the tops of corncobs. String onto twine, alternating with cornhusks looped over the twine and glued together.

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