Easy Decorating with Pumpkins

Silver pumpkins
Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. Why not celebrate all of fall with an eye-catching pumpkin display? Natural, painted, or carved, the versatility and affordability of pumpkins make them an easy accent for fall decorating.

Pebbled Pumpkin Platter

Assemble a simple display to liven up a small table. Line a plate with colored leaves and cover the leaves with multicolored nuts. To complete the look, nestle an adorable mini pumpkin on top.

Pretty Pumpkin Garland

Dress up a room by making a pretty pumpkin garland. Use a small drill to pierce a hole though an assortment of mini pumpkins. Use a toothpick to pierce fall leaves. Next, string several leaves through twine, followed by a single pumpkin. Make sure to tie a knot after each element so it stays in place. Continue stringing the items through the twine, alternating between pumpkins and leaves until you have strung a garland long enough to hang. Display your creation above a window, across a mantel, or around a banister.

Pumpkin Pileup

Stacked pumpkins are a striking alternative to typical table arrangements. Arrange pumpkins on a sideboard or entry table among scattered leaves and branches for a cozy, casual look. Add elegance to the arrangement by incorporating glass. Here, mini pumpkins and colorful leaves are placed under topiary.

Pumpkins by the Numbers

There are countless ways to decorate with pumpkins. Try stacking numbered Cinderella pumpkins on top of one another to create both a fabulous front porch arrangement and a bold entryway display. Remove the stems from the pumpkins, except for the one that will be placed on top. Next, trace a different stencil number on each pumpkin and scrape the skin from the traced area with a crafts knife. Arrange gourds of a different color beside your display to play off the bright orange color of the pumpkins. Top it all off with brightly colored fall leaves.

DIY Tip: For a simple option that requires no carving, paint numbers on the face of each pumpkin before stacking them.

Pumpkin Parade

Line up your best pumpkin creations and put them on display. We used a template to cut identical shapes from different-color pumpkins. Then, to make the design of each pumpkin pop, we switched their cut-out pieces. Another way to make a pumpkin stand out is to remove the pumpkin's top and hollow out its inside to create a fall vase like we did with the pumpkins at each end of the table.

DIY Tip: Remember to keep a container with fresh water inside the pumpkin vases. This will keep your flowers fresh.

Pumpkin Party

Throw a fabulous dinner party that is both pleasing to the eye and perfect for fall. For an easy decoration, use brightly colored foliage to create a soaring table arrangement. Place small branches in glass vases with colorful leaves spraying from the tops. Group leaves in monochromatic bunches or mix all the colors together.

Hanging Pumpkin Twists

With just an armful of miniature pumpkins, you can give your home a seasonal spin! To make these eye-catching pumpkin twists, start by drilling a small hole through the center of every pumpkin you wish to hang. Next, string each pumpkin through a long and twisty piece of twine. Complete this fantastic fall look by suspending your new pumpkin twists from a hanging chandelier.

Pumpkin Pitchfork

To make a pumpkin candleholder, cut a hole in the top of each pumpkin with a paring knife and hollow out an opening large enough to hold a battery-operated tea-light candle. Make a number of pumpkin candles for presentation on a pitchfork. Then push the bottom of each along the spiked portion of a rake. Position the decorative pitchfork against a bare outdoor wall.

Pumpkin Presentation

Place pumpkin candles along the inside of a rake hanging upside down for a simple and unexpected presentation that is sure to be a hit all fall.

Tabletop Display

Dress up any table with this easy-to-make tabletop tree. Simply fill a glass cylinder vase with birdseed and stick several sturdy branches inside. Next, drill a small hole in the stem of each pumpkin and string it along fishing line or florist's wire to hang.

Petite Anchors

For a fresh take on a fall arrangement, anchor branches in tall glass cylindrical vases with eye-catching mini pumpkins.

Natural Touch

At the dinner table, delight guests with an easy and unique alternative to a place card. Use a paint pen to write the names of dinner guests on fresh or dried fall leaves. Then punch a small hole in each leaf and tie them individually around the stems of green-striped cushaw pumpkins.

Pumpkin Place Setting

Welcome guests to the table with custom place settings. Use acrylic paint or brightly colored paint pens to inscribe each friend's name on a petite white pumpkin. Set each pumpkin beneath a rustic orange napkin and position it inside a small soup bowl. Garnish this debonair dish with a neat fall leaf.

Pumpkin Spread

Create an indulgent entry table for your fall gatherings using squat, stemless Cinderella pumpkins. Turn pumpkins into pedestals for serving trays and tarnished silver pieces into perches for mini pumpkins. Our spread includes blackberries, blueberries, crackers, and breads.

DIY Tip: For wicked flair, tip a chalkboard against the wall to display the menu or a ghoulish saying. We even chalked our own black labels for the cheese and wine bottles.

Simple Accents

Stack green and cream pumpkins in a black chrome lantern to set a sophisticated tone for Halloween.

Pastel Mantel

For a mantle display that will stay timely past fall, choose a pumpkin with a pastel hue and pair it with softly shaded leaves. The result is a simple but elegant arrangement.

DIY Tip: Can't find a pastel pumpkin? Make your own by painting your pumpkin in the desired shade. When painting, start out by sanding a clean dry pumpkin to make it smooth. Start with a base coat and finish with topcoat to prevent cracking and flaking.

Monochromatic Centerpiece

Bare white pumpkins make for a stylish centerpiece when placed atop a clear glass platter. Set the arrangement on a pale orange runner and weave a contrasting orange ribbon along its base for a final bit of finesse.

Petite Pumpkin Pedestal

Lend a delicate touch to your fall table with pumpkin pedestals. To make, paint mini white pumpkins antique silver. Set each pumpkin on a metal pedestal frame and place a lighted maple leaf candle in the center.

DIY Tip: When painting, start by sanding a clean dry pumpkin to make it smooth. Start with a base coat and finish with topcoat to prevent cracking and flaking.

Silver Pumpkin Platforms

Mini silver pumpkins atop antique crystal vases create an air of sophistication. Set them on a rectangular silver tray for added panache.

Glowing Display

Bring warmth and ambience to any room with a surprisingly refined pumpkin vignette. Pumpkins gathered around a handsome fireplace amidst softly lit candles will leave guest in awe.

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