Welcome fall to your front door with this autumn doormat that can stay up well past Halloween. You supply the doormat and paint; we'll supply the free pumpkin stencil!

March 08, 2018
halloween outdoor mat

Mimic the look of fall foliage with this seasonal DIY welcome mat. Hand-painted in three bright colors, the outdoor or indoor mat is a reminder that not everything has to be orange and black in October. Plus, with our free printable stencils, you can re-create our design or paint a custom pattern with leaves and pumpkins that's all your own. Learn how to make this large fall doormat, then place it along with your outdoor fall decor to greet guests all season long.

What You Need

  • Leaf and pumpkin stencils
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape
  • Paint in white, turquoise, and gold
  • Foam paint daubers
  • Doormat (ours was coire)
Download the Pumpkin and Leaf Stencils

Step 1: Cut Out Stencils

We made it easy to paint leaves and pumpkins on your autumn doormat with our free stencil set. Download the stencils and print. Carefully cut out the filled-in leaf and pumpkin shapes to create a stencil. Start by cutting into the middle of the shape and working your way to the outside. This way, you won't be left with a stencil that has a broken border. 

Step 2: Paint Center Pumpkin

pumpkin stencil diy doormat

Place the large pumpkin stencil in the center of the outdoor welcome mat and tape in place. Using a foam brush, dab the paint into the stencil until you get an even and opaque finish. Be sure to get a good coat on the edges to make sure the shape is clean and crisp. Let dry and remove stencil.

Step 3: Paint Smaller Pumpkins

pumpkin doormat painting

Repeat the painting process with the smaller pumpkin stencil on either side of the larger pumpkin. For a layered look, let the small pumpkins overlap the larger center pumpkin. Be careful as you remove the stencil from the first small pumpkin, as you will use the same stencil on the other side. Let dry.

Step 4: Paint Leaves

fall diy door mat

Place a leaf stencil toward the outside edge of the mat and tape in place. Dab paint into the stencil with a foam brush. Let dry. Repeat this step to create a border around the center pumpkins. If you're using gold paint, first stencil the shape with white paint, let dry, then layer gold on top. The white base will make the gold paint pop against a coire mat.

Comments (2)

September 14, 2018
We used acrylic paint for this project!
September 5, 2018
Cute idea. What kind of paint is used - it would have to be one that doesn't erase when wet, wouldn't it?