We started with a 5 dollar grapevine wreath and made these stunning fall displays. There's something for every style!

By Hannah Bruneman
October 20, 2017

fall mantel decorations pumpkin acorn garland wreath

Grapevine wreaths are a staple of fall decor, whether they hang on a door, a wall, or a mantel. However, the prettiest of fall door wreaths can cost a pretty penny and there's no guarantee that this year's trend will be in style next season. Making your own inexpensive fall crafts lets you change the decor as the years go on or commit to making a timeless, traditional look.

To help you craft your own autumn decor, we created five gorgeous fall wreath ideas that all start with the same affordable grapevine wreath. Take a look below to discover your favorite, then learn how to make a grapevine wreath multiple ways with our step-by-step instructions. Our collection of easy wreaths make the perfect sophisticated fall crafts for adults—you could even throw a wreath-making party with friends!

Blooming Floral Fall Wreath

Full, lush, and colorful, this wreath embodies everything we love about fall foliage. Starting with a base of deep red leaves, followed by layers of oversized blooms, and finished off with berries, this fall wreath could not hold more autumn elements even if we tried. Get this bountiful look with inexpensive materials from your local crafts store. Options for personalizing include adding pinecones, holly, favorite ornaments, and more.

Minimalist Magnolia Wreath

Bare twigs certainly make a fall statement, so we decided to make one grapevine wreath that allowed its natural elements to do the talking. This rustic fall wreath is bare with the exception of one bundle of magnolia leaves in a lower corner. Faux fall foliage is spaced evenly amongst the leaves while an extra-large bow sits on top. We used a burlap ribbon for its natural look and choose to let the tails hang long and loose.

DIY Succulent Wreath

The beauty of fall wreaths is that you can start with a base of deep greens and grays and the color scheme still allows for pops of orange or yellow. This grapevine wreath started off basic, but by adding layers of eucalyptus, we created a lush green look that blossoms at the top. Faux succulents add a trendy element to the wreath as the plants spring out from several directions. Billy balls put a quirky twist on traditional fall florals.

Country Fall Wreath

Fall harvest time reminds us of long drives through acres of cornfields. Our next fall wreath idea is inspired by those stunning views filled with wheat, cotton, and fluffy cattails. All those countryside elements build beautifully from the center of this twig wreath and extend up the sides. An oversized white flower in the middle creates a focal point for the design.

Seasonal Eucalyptus Wreath

If you want fall project ideas that will last longer than a season, this wreath is a great way to transition your decor from fall to winter. Mixed greenery works well for both seasons and is fun to assemble in this layered design. Leaves spring out from all ends as different textures and shades are used. Keep adding more into the natural twig base until you are satisfied with the overall look.

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October 3, 2018
Just want to thank you for all the wreath ideas. Wow. If the addendum crafts remain attached, this is a super rich & appreciated craft page. Thank you again.