How to Make a Fun Fall Wreath with Succulents

Faux leaves, billy ball flowers, and indoor succulents add quirky texture to this truly unique DIY fall wreath. See how we put together the succulent wreath of your dreams. 

Add funky style to your front door with a faux or living succulent wreath. At first glance, this fall wreath appears somewhat understated, but then you notice the sprawling succulents accompanied by springing billy ball blooms at the top. It's hard to not fall in love with the minimalist autumn design. To create your own succulent wreath, follow the steps below. We used faux plants so that the wreath would last all season, but you can experiment with living succulents as well. Have fun and feel free to add your own flair; this DIY succulent wreath can be made to fit any design aesthetic!

What You Need

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Craft wire
  • Wire snips
  • Various fall greenery (faux ficus, eucalyptus, and olive leaves)
  • Hot glue or floral wire
  • Faux succulents
  • Billy ball blooms

Step 1: Form Hook

Before you add all the elements to your succulent wreath, you should add a hook to the back for hanging. Snip a piece of craft wire and bend it in half. Then, fold each end back up toward the top as shown.

Step 2: Attach Hook

Push the two ends of the hook down and through a small bundle of twigs on the grapevine wreath. Pull up and twist the ends onto themselves to secure. Hold the wreath by the hook to test strength.

Step 3: Layer Greenery

To start the succulent wreath, lay a sparse bed of greenery on the wreath form. Try a mix of faux ficus, eucalyptus, and olive leaves, or incorporate plants with interesting textures, such as ferns or rosemary. Direct the stems in a circular motion for a cohesive look. Secure the layer of leaves with hot glue or floral wire. 

Step 4: Add Succulents

Find long-stemmed faux indoor succulents at your local crafts store. These will frame the top of your wreath. Find a center point and sprawl the succulents out like a fan from that point. If they're heavy, you might want to use both hot glue and floral wire to keep them in place. 

Step 5: Place Billy Balls

Cut billy balls to size. For added interest, incorporate a variety of autumn colors like orange, yellow, and burgundy. Use a dab of hot glue on the stem, then insert it into the wreath. Place the billy balls so they look as if they are popping out from the center of the focal point. Place the billy balls at different heights to add depth to the design. 


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