Decorating Ideas That Go from Fall to Winter

Fall Seasonal Elements
Give your home a seasonal lift with ideas to warm up every room.

Winter Warmth

A warm palette of burnt orange, mustard yellow, and ruby red gives this dining room a seasonal lift. A checked wool blanket doubles as a table runner that pops against a red dining table. A floor-length curtain separates the dining area from the rest of the house, creating a more intimate space.

Gathering Spaces

When seasons change and temperatures drop, it's only natural to want to spend more time indoors. Focus your attention on indoor warmth by rearranging your furniture. Pull furniture away from the walls and around the fireplace to create cozy conversation areas. Bring out extra throws and pillows for added comfort.

Layers of Comfort

Ensure your warmth around the dinner table by using blankets instead of a tablecloth. Drape one blanket so it falls to the floor. Add another throw over the top for an additional layer of style.

Seasonal Change

Look to nature for decorating inspiration. Warm up a room with a palette of orange, yellow, and green -- the colors of the season. They pair equally well with darker wood furniture as with crisp white. Mix organic and graphic fabric patterns with nubby textures for visual interest.

In the Red

Red accents make this living room a welcoming space even on the coldest days. The red area rug fills the room with color and adds a layer of comfort and warmth underfoot. Accent pillows bring spots of red up to the sofas. Invest in extra throw pillows and blankets in a variety of colors that you can swap out each season.

Winter Whites

Details make this living room warm and cozy throughout the winter months. A fluffy rug warms up cold floors while corduroy and flannel pillows and a cotton throw create an inviting spot on the sofa. The potted plant on the side table offers a subtle reminder of spring.

Fresh Finds

Looking for a new living room style for the winter months? Shop for new decorating accessories around your house. Add pillows and an extra throw to warm up a leather sofa. Re-organize your accessories and swap out artwork. Finish off the look by putting fresh, seasonal flowers in a colorful vase you already have.

Color Therapy

The best way to banish winter blues is with color. Inject a shot of life into a neutral palette with a few carefully chosen accessories, and any room goes from bland to fabulous. A fuchsia throw, some colorful pillows, and a bouquet of flowers instantly transform the room. A thick shag rug invites you to take off your shoes and get comfortable.

Citrus Punch

Decorate your mantel with fresh fruit and greenery for a seasonal twist. Look for colorful, long-lasting citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons. Arrange the fruit on slim white platters with cuts of evergreen branches or other greenery and space them evenly along the mantel.

Harvest Special

Usher in the change of seasons with a festive wreath. The display of colorful fall foliage, nuts, and dried seasonal fruit is perfect from fall to winter. Hang it on your front door or inside for long-lasting enjoyment.

Add Window Treatments

Block chilly drafts from your windows by replacing sheer draperies with thicker, floor-length window treatments for the winter months. This will warm up the room and freshen its look for a new season. Hang curtains over existing window blinds for an extra layer of style.

Fresh Focus with Foliage

Focus naturally shifts to the fireplace when the temperatures drop, so turn the hearth into a focal point with a fresh garland. Evergreens aren't just for holidays, so enjoy their clean scent throughout the season, replacing with fresh cuttings as needed. The green looks especially vivid against a white backdrop.

Pile Up Bedding

Stay warm on cold winter nights with bedding designed to keep away the chill. Layers of extra pillows, blankets, and quilts add comfort in the bedroom.

Fireplace All Aglow

Candles exude warmth, especially in a group. Give your fireplace a healthy glow with a creative candle arrangement. Pinecone and evergreen tree candles placed on silver stands give off a cheery light against a backdrop of evergreens. Frosted evergreens on the mantel laced with icicles contrast the warm display. Light the candles for a warm glow during a gathering or leave them unlit for a casual setting.

Frame Up

Highlight the changing seasons with a garland of colorful leaves strung across the middle of an empty frame. Give an old picture frame a facelift with a coat of fresh paint. Miniature gourds perched in eggcups and a bunch of colorful berries on the mantel complete the look.

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