Easy Decorating with Pinecones

Gather pinecones from the yard to warm your home in the chilly months.

Natural Beauty

Pinecones grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their abundance and beauty make them ideal for fall and winter decorating projects. So gather a basket of pinecones and let them ignite your creative spark.

Rustic Setting

Plain pinecones make eye-catching accents on a dinner table. Gather the pinecones in the middle of your table as an alternative to a floral centerpiece. Or place a pinecone on individual plates to add a natural touch to place settings.

Elegant Nature

When serving drinks, make a lasting impression on your guest with a pinecone-garnished serving tray. Here, pinecones were placed inside and around a variety of drinking glasses. The addition of small organic items, such as lemons and cinnamon sticks, top off a stylish display.

Decorative Mantle

Pinecones on a fireplace mantle are a simple and elegant way to make your home feel warm and cozy. Start by draping a natural garland across the length of your mantle. Next, lay the pinecones on top of the garland, alternating setting them upright and on their sides. Finish by nestling fresh apples between the pinecones to create a stunning and whimsical display.

Natural Light

Make your space shine by creating beautiful homemade candlestick holders. Here, the elegant creations were placed on a tabletop and surrounded by fresh evergreen sprigs and sparkling gold ornaments. See the next slide for instruction to make the pinecone candlesticks.

Pine Away

To make pinecone-adorned candlestick holders, find a holder with a large rim around its top half so that pinecones may easily be attached. Apply hot glue to one side of a pinecone and press it firmly against the rim of the candlestick. Continue until the rim is covered.

Beaded Pinecone

Complete the look by dabbing hot glue on pinecones and then use tweezers to adorn them with sparkling gold beads.

Berry Nice

To create this textured arrangement, lay a bed fresh evergreen in a square vase and arrange slender pinecones vertically on top. Finish by anchoring Chamaecyparis branches in place for a natural and lively display.

Painted Pinecones

A fresh coat of color enhances the subtle charm of pinecones. Fill a wooden dish with pinecones painted to show off their texture in a display.

Enchanting Arrangement

A vibrant basket arrangement of pinecones, evergreen, and berry springs looks stunning on a living room table. To create this arrangement, gather evergreen and leafy branches. In a shallow basket, hot-glue a block of floral foam to the bottom. Position sprigs of branches to create a bursting shape. Complete this festive look by fastening pinecones to wire or wooden sticks and inserting them in and around the focal area.

Window Charm

Delight your guest by using pinecones to spruce up every day decor. These easy-to-make pinecone curtain tiebacks are the perfect way to dress up drapes.

Chilly Pinecones

Pinecones look fashionable in the most unexpected areas! Playfully scatter pinecones in an ice bowl amid wine bottles to create a jovial presence.

Pinecone Wreath

Display pinecones in their natural environment by using them to accent an outdoor wreath. To display, hang with ribbon against a wooden door. Hot glue or tuck in berries or nuts for a more seasonal look.

Woodsy Table

Construct an organic table display that will be appreciated long after mealtime. Here, pinecones and fresh greenery surround rustic steel-framed lanterns, conveying the atmosphere of the casual outdoors.

Hearth Display

Accessorizing with pinecones is as simple as placing a few specimens on your mantel or coffee table. But pinecones can also be showcased in these handsome projects. Here, handmade pinecone trees flank the fireplace, making the traditional space feel more cozy.

See the next slide for instruction to make the pinecone trees.

Miniature Forest

Make your own indoor forest with a few simple objects. Start with a wire frame and lots of pinecones. Working from the top of the frame, wedge dampened cones from white pine (moisture causes them to partially close) into the frame. Secure with dabs of hot glue. As the cones dry, they will open fully and interlock. Stand the pinecone tree in a gravel-filled planter.

Color Coordinating

Pair pinecones with earthy-colored accessories to enhance their natural appeal. Here, the cones are accented with sage green pots and a miniature tree. Come Christmas, add touches of cranberry red for a festive look.

Stand Alone

Larger pinecones make a statement on their own. Place the oversized cones in small terra-cotta pots, varying height and texture. If need be, secure the pinecone with hot glue. The pinecone in the foreground is more tightly shut, while the cone in the background is fully open.

String Savvy

Give your mantel north-woods charm with a pinecone garland. To make, cinch wire around the stem end of each cone, then use thumbtacks to attach the strand to the mantel.

Small Wonders

Smaller pinecones can be used as ground cover for a potted plant. Simply arrange the miniatures around the plant's base. You can also fill a decorative bowl with the tiny cones. Add your favorite fall potpourri or a few miniature Christmas ornaments during the holiday season.

By the Basketful

A birch bark basket gives a home cozy cabin appeal. Instead of filling the basket completely with pinecones, place an unseen filler in the basket, such as a block of florist foam or a smaller overturned container. Cover your filler with pinecones, greenery, and other natural finds.

Pinecone Tree

Mimic the fall landscape with twigs clipped from the yard. Stand branches in a glass vase. To support the branches, tuck them in among glass baubles and more cones. Hang pinecone ornaments from the branches., and when winter arrives, add a few snowflake ornaments.

Center of Attention

Use your pinecone-filled vase as a centerpiece. Remove the tall branches and place the vase in the middle of the table. Group pinecones and greenery around the base. For a more dramatic look, fill several vases and line them up along the table.

Bubbly Branches

Small sprays of pine make great filler for clear ornaments. This simple project looks great in both fall and winter. You can display the ornaments in a vase or hang them on a tree.

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