How to Create a Harvest Porch Display That Lasts All Fall

Emphasize the sweet side of Halloween with these trick-free front porch decor ideas that will look good all season long.

Cobwebs and spiders are great for Halloween, but they will only last you a few weeks in October. So instead of going the spooky route with this year's Halloween decor, consider cute but still festive fall front entry decor.

Red front porch with variety of plants and pumpkins
Carson Downing

Decorate for the Season

These pumpkin decorations won't intimidate young trick-or-treaters when walking up to your doorstep for candy. Plus, you don't need to tear it down as soon as November arrives—white lanterns, hay bales, and muted fall colors will carry you through the entire season! Use this design as inspiration to create a front door Halloween display of your own.

halloween decorated steps gingham pumpkins
Carson Downing

Step Up Your Stairway

A stairway is prime real estate for outdoor fall decorations. Halloween pumpkins, lanterns, gourds, and more can easily be on display without being in the path of trick-or-treaters. Balance each step by displaying decor of various heights and weights. For example, tall lanterns balance stout pumpkins, while small gourds and leaves fill in blank spaces.

Paint is the easy answer for decorating a pumpkin sans carving. Place a few pumpkins painted with a buffalo check pattern into the mix for a fun farmhouse look. Line everything up on one side to make a clear path for guests.

halloween pumpkin and hay bale

Go Big with Autumn Layers

A successful outdoor Halloween display is all about the layers. A line of pumpkins outside your front porch can look dull, but festive fall props can bring the look to the next level. Here, small and medium hay bales serve as a base. A large green pumpkin sits on top, while smaller Halloween pumpkins are layered in front.

Lanterns filled with Spanish moss and LED candles make a charming nighttime element. A tall vintage bucket filled to the brim with mums breaks up the look with much-needed fall florals.

halloween decorated strings

Colorful Seasonal Garlands

If it works on your front porch, string a tiered fall garland across the railing. This DIY pom-pom garland features three layers, each different from the last. Its simple design doesn't take away from the rest of the front door Halloween display but adds a sense of style to a place that would otherwise be left blank.

halloween front porch bench with pumpkins

Halloween Bench Decorations

A gorgeous white bench is perfect for sitting and enjoying fall afternoons. Arrange a cozy lineup of outdoor Halloween bench decorations with a blanket and pillows to keep you warm while handing out candy. Then, for the rest of the season, it will be a peaceful place to enjoy your morning coffee or hot chocolate in the afternoon. Surround the bench with various pumpkins and gourds, so it looks lush and full even when it's too cold to sit outside.

hanging chalkboard for outside door

Warm Welcoming Words

Let guests know they're welcome any day during fall, not just Halloween night. We traded a traditional Halloween wreath for a custom DIY fall sign made from an old picture frame. With a few coats of chalkboard-style paint, this frame is ready for any scribbles or doodles you wish to display. Since it's easily erasable, this is the perfect opportunity to try calligraphy.

halloween pumpkin with calligraphy

Easy and Creative Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a fun holiday tradition, but the mess isn't for everyone. So to save yourself frustration, consider an alternative method for decorating your pumpkins. Here, we used a marker to write a favorite fall motto on the pumpkin.

If handwriting isn't your strength, you can use paint, stencils, stickers, and more to spice up your pumpkin design. Another benefit? Keeping the pumpkins intact will prevent rot, meaning you can enjoy their beauty long past October 31.

halloween outdoor display with tall grass

Go Up for Impact

Think again if you don't believe you can do much with a narrow front entry. The secret is not to build out… it's to build up! This small display starts with a pile of pumpkins at the base. By snapping off the stems of a few, we were able to stack three pumpkins on top of each other for a whimsical look. The next level of the display features bright white chrysanthemums, followed by lush, extra-long wild grasses. The tall pampas grass here is sturdy enough to stand up to the strong autumn breezes.

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