Creative DIY Fall Signs

Not only are these DIY signs inexpensive and easy to make, they also can be placed in different locations from year to year to create an entirely new look. Whether they are for a porch or vignette, made from an old desk (clever!) or rustic wood, you can get inspired by these eight creative DIY fall signs.

1. School Desk 'Hello Fall' Sign

Made from an old and broken school desktop, this lovely sign ushers in the back-to-school season perfectly. Patina like that can't be replicated!

2. Autumn Script Sign

Created from an old chipped cabinet door or shutter, the simple script of this autumn sign makes a lovely statement on this fall porch.

3. Fall Favorites Directional Signs

Some of the best parts of fall are all the fun flavors and activities that are abundant. These DIY signs helpfully point the way to show that fall fun can be found all around when you're outdoors!

4. Rustic Pallet Pumpkin Sign

Give fall decor a vintage vibe with a pumpkin sign made from a rustic pallet. It's not a big stretch of the imagination to picture this as a crate filled with pumpkins!

5. Dead-and-Breakfast

This spooky sign looks like a charming, run-of-the-mill bed-and-breakfast sign at first glance. On closer inspection you can catch the creepy undertones! Want to book a stay?

6. Fall Leaf Cutout Shutter Sign

Impressive jigsaw skills helped to create this industrial-look sign inspired by shutters.

7. Pumpkin Patch Plank Sign

This sign is a modern DIY, but it looks like it could have been salvaged straight from the pumpkin patch out of old fence pieces! What a great way to add character to your autumn vignettes.

8. Reversible Fall and Halloween Sign

This clever sign solves the decorating dilemma of whether to choose fall or Halloween. You want to decorate for Halloween, but you know you'll have to redecorate for fall and Thanksgiving soon after. With this sign, a simple flip has you covered!

More Fall Craft Ideas

You likely already own every supply you need to make these inexpensive fall crafts. Bet you'll never look at wax paper the same way again!

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  1. That was simple and inexpensive. Will give a pretty glow to any table setting.

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