Beautiful Fall Garlands

Gorgeous Fall Garland
Spice up your mantel, doors, windows, or fence with a showstopping garland this fall. These easy and inspiring DIY projects will add a touch of autumn to your home in a sophisticated way that can be done on a budget.

Sparkling Feather Garland

Craft a glistening garland that can be left up all season using paper feathers and gold glitter. An electric cutting machine created these white cardstock feathers, but you can also trace feathers onto white paper and cut the patterns out with scissors. Use a foam brush to add decoupage glue to the bottom of each feather before sprinkling each with varying shades of glitter. Attach the feathers to a piece of twine using a needle and thread.

Felt Leaf Garland

Make this festive front door garland from an array of felt leaves in a stunning fall color palette. To re-create this design, add a running stitch in contrasting embroidery thread to each felt leaf cutout, glue leaves to twine, hang, and enjoy.

Mini Pumpkins and Leaves Garland

This easy and inexpensive fall garland doubles as a gorgeous seasonal window treatment. Simply gather colorful leaves from your yard and knot them, along with a few mini pumpkins, onto a piece of twine.

Add sparkle to your entry by coating faux leaves with glitter. Here's how to make the leaf craft and create a welcoming outdoor display.

Glittering Leaf Craft

Use the technique in this video to add a dash of sparkle to a leafy garland.

Pinecone Garland

Constructing this versatile garland is well worth the effort because this stunning decoration works for both fall and winter. Cut a piece of twine and knot both ends. Wind wire around the top of each pinecone and then twist the wires of the pinecones to one another to form several bunches. Attach each bunch to the garland by twisting the wire onto the twine.

Mini Leafy Garland in a Frame

If you don't have a place to hang a longer garland, this mini version is perfect for you. Take an empty, autumn-hue frame and put nails on both sides. Pin colorful fall leaves to a ribbon and then tie the ends of the ribbon to the nails.

Indian Corn Garland

Decorate with this festive Indian corn garland on a fence outside or on a mantel inside. Start by cutting a piece of rope 2 feet longer than you want the garland to be. Twist one screw eye into the top of each ear of corn. For the corn husks, bend each one in half and hot-glue its ends together to create a loop. Thread the ears and the husks onto the rope in an alternating pattern.

Bunched-Up Burlap Garland

You don't have to be a seasoned crafter to make this rustic garland, but some sewing knowledge might be helpful. Start with a needle threaded with twine and two 30-foot rolls of burlap. Make large stitches in a zigzag design running the length of the first strip of burlap and continue the zigzag stitches onto the second strip. You won't need to attach the two rolls, because the bunched burlap will conceal where one roll ends and the other begins. Push the burlap down the twine as you go to create the bunched-up effect.

Learn how to decorate a fall mantel with natural elements, pretty fall colors, and cheap, repurposed knick knacks.

Fall Mantel Inspiration

Pair a beautiful fall garland with one of these fall decorating ideas to create a spectacular mantel that's sure to inspire.

Paper Leaves Garland

Construct a creative fall decoration by combining crafting supplies with natural elements. Glue real twigs to brightly hued crumpled paper leaves to re-create this eclectic garland design.

Oak Leaves Garland

Use autumn's beautiful leaves for this super easy yet striking garland that will add a burst of fall color to your home. Thread leaves onto fishing wire, secure the ends of the wire with knots, and hang the finished product using tape.

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